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      TaLiLo, a young Ukrainian-born DJ, has made music her haven of peace. Combining fashion and music, she invites you to discover her graphic and minimalist style. We met her to tell you about her creative universe, which she shares through her stages between Paris and Antwerp …

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      Kodd magazine : When did you actually start your project ? What was the trigger ?

      TaLiLo : The beginning of my project had two facets that had a huge impact: psychological and practical. The job gained from my previous studies and experiences did not make me happy … So, when I touched the DJ controller of a friend for the very first time, I understood everything and felt a unique feeling! The rest of the story was concluded by a resignation to my work. My first « musical » initiative was to promote a music school on the streets of Paris. This experience did not last long because I wanted to evolve … Especially to obtain very satisfactory personal results. The idea for the TaLiLo project was born six months after the end of my « Electronic Music Producer » training, which I attended at the SAE in October 2016.

      K M : Why TaLiLo ?

      T : TaLiLo it’s Lolita (Editor’s note : the artist first name), there is no more simple.

      K M : You pay special attention to fashion in your music … Tell us about this photo shoot made for this interview.

      T : During this shoot, the choice of the place was paramount! Its character is easily associated with my dress style: graphic and minimalist. The end result was the result of my collaboration with the stylist Laetitia Plantier. And the latter, quite corresponds to my personality and my vision of TaLiLo as an artist. There is therefore a certain discretion because we let the music express itself through creative visuals.

      K M : How do you create your music ? What is the TaLiLo sound ?

      T : I’m a DJ at the base, with a bit of experience in the prod. In general, I create tailor-made music by working in synergy with other artists. The sound TaLiLo is a rather experimental music … I like mixing styles, always with an ethnic touch. My artistic evolution is developing especially in different workshops and musical formations that really allow me to plunge into this « madness » and this pure creativity. To put it simply, music takes a big place in my life and I work it in all directions to invite my listeners into my universe.

      K M : Why did you choose the music ?

      T : For me, music is linked to a certain magic. It has this incredible ability to bring people together. Through love, strong emotions, energy … These are very subtle but very important things in life. I can not refuse to work with what is most wonderful to me.

      K M : What have you planned for the continuation of your adventure ?

      T: I partially set up my project in Antwerp … So the objective and the motivation remain always the same: to perfect myself, to be constantly with music and to share this love with the others.

      The TaLiLo’s music translates into a mix of styles to be discovered and to listen without a doubt live! Credits Photographer: Mehdi Sefeioui, AD & Stylist: Laetitia Plantier, MUA: Claire Plekhoff

      Lire la version française

      Special Thanks : Mr. Ako Qi
      Interview by Angela ANZ

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