KODD is a Magazine, 100% Digital & Paper — Discoveries, Fashion, Beauty, Culture,… —  which has innovated over the years to become a reference for its connected and loyal community (more than 5 million unique visitors since its creation in 2014).

KODD Magazine



KODD,Fashion Magazine in Paris

KODD is a Magazine that brings together several themes :

Online fashion magazine, Paris

All the Fashion News seen by Kodd Magazine: advice, trends, style ideas, new collections, new designers, Ready-to-Wear fashion shows (Spring-Summer, Autumn-Winter), Fashion Week in Paris, Milan, London, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Singapore, Dubai, Tokyo, Copenhagen, Seoul, Berlin or Tbilisi. Haute couture, luxury fashion, designers for men, women and children for two or three days.

Fashion & Looks for the greatest pleasure of our readers. (Young fashion magazine, music fashion magazine, fashion trends, fashion advice, fashion accessories, fashion shopping)

Contact us and contribute to the development of KODD magazine.

Women’s & Lifestyle Magazine

At KODD, we also talk about women, their well-being, their daily life and their ambitions. A modern, elegant, urban and active woman who wants to consume wisely and live healthily.

Deciphered novelties, testimonials, practical tips & tricks.

Without forgetting the feminine universe (fashion, beauty, decoration, food, lifestyle, culture, society, sport, travel, art of living,…).

Men’s & Lifestyle Magazine

KODD is also the magazine that takes you into the world of men. (Who is really luidji?) Through questions/answers, we will try to share with you the life of modern man. THE GOOD LIFE (Lifestyle, Fashion, Men’s beauty, Art, Watchmaking, High-tech, Travel, Extreme sports, Outings,…)

Everything a man needs to know to shine in society. Looking at the world at 360° – KODD Magazine, men’s version speaks to active, open-minded, urban, demanding & emblematic men.

Previews, competitions… Find them in the kodd club. LET’S BE THE FUTURE !

Urban culture magazine

Paulette Magazine, 100% participative, except that KODD Magazine aims to give visibility to creators and entrepreneurs from urban culture. (And those since 2014).

Through KODD Room, our discovery laboratory dedicated to fashion & art, we offer ephemeral showrooms (up store & pop up store), select designers, brands, artists and entrepreneurs on a permanent basis.

Urban culture at the heart of the KODD concept.

All the latest news, culture, music, cinema, street & pop art, Rap, Hip-hop, events, going out in Paris,…

Find our brands (koddselection, koddlab & koddroom) via our 360° Consulting Agency – KODD KORNER (www.koddkorner.com)

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