Helmut von Oberkampf: the new original brand French brand


A new brand was created at the heart of the 11th district of Paris: Helmut von Oberkampf. Helmut, he’s a cat (yes a real cat).

With a hell of a personality: a tad haughty, snobby and narcissistic – he has all the same his own Instagram account! … But that’s what makes him so unique and charming. He lives in Oberkampf, adores Spritz, and is going to become the muse of his district without further delay.

Helmut launched his brand about an original, catchy, and blue-white-red logo. For all those who share his lifestyle and values, Helmut von Oberkampf proposes a unique collection of contemporary quality sweat-shirts, made of some biological cotton, designed in the respect of people and of the environment.

These products are sketched and embroidered in France: thus the brand contributes to make the employment on the French territory live. For a street-wear style which has some cat-appeal, take the Helmut touch on!

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