Florie Dupont exposed “The Skin Collection”


THE SKIN COLLECTION focuses on the exploration and the difference similarities between the jewelry and skin, the precious and the pulpit.

Based on the immortality of the object related to the decay of the body, the collection uses the paradoxes at the crossroads of the concepts of life and death, beauty and ugliness, what is lasting or ephemeral, attractivity and repulsion.

Made with 3D printing techniques in 18 carat red gold and set with diamonds, rubies or pearls, THE SKIN COLLECTION is the result of the alliance between tradition and modernity, and offers a reflection on our relationship to the body and beauty. Composed of unique pieces, each model is also feasible in grey gold or yellow gold with different colored stones, on command.

The jewelery artist exhibits his collection to the Caroline Van Hoek gallery in Brussels until 9 July 2016.

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