What style of clothing for fall ? Advice

      Autumn is a rather peculiar season, as it is halfway between the first cold sensations of winter and the last warm temperatures of summer. However, when it is like this, it is still not obvious how to get dressed, because it is neither hot nor cold. But this is not a reason not to adapt to the autumn clothing trend. In this case, which style of clothing to adopt? More details here.

      The trendy outfits of the fall

      This fall, the outfits that allow you to adapt to the cooling weather without staying off the clothing trends are really diverse. A diversity that has nothing to envy to the multiple menus on the betFIRST Casino platform. You will find among others :

      The fake fur

      If it was long appreciated in the 70s, fake fur is making its appearance again, but in a much more elegant form. You will find it in a variety of colors and styles. But for this fall, it is the faux fur jacket and the faux fur scarf that are all the rage. These are outfits perfectly suited to keep you warm during this period.

      The long skirts

      As temperatures start to drop, short skirts will have to make place of longer skirts. You can choose your long flared or pleated skirts. They go well with laced booties or high shoes.

      The turtleneck

      You have certainly already noticed in several stores the presence of the turtleneck. However, if it appeared before the fall sets in, it is because it is a garment adapted for all circumstances. For hot periods, you could choose it with short sleeves. But as it gets colder, prefer it with long sleeves. You can combine it with jeans or overalls.

      Bermuda shorts

      This garment does not have too much unanimity in the public rank. But several celebrities of the fashion world have already adopted it. The latter prefer it in high waist style and more or less wide at knee level. But depending on your style, you may prefer it skinny, denim, leather or oversize.

      The oversize clothes

      Here, too, you’ve probably already noticed that oversized clothes have started to take hold in wardrobes. The Palazzo is a good example. But for the fall, the oversize style of dress is turning more towards long, loose-fitting coats, leg flared denims and XXL scarves.

      The dress prints for fall

      The prints on the outfits are also part of the clothing style you should adopt this fall. You will find the zebra print that has already conquered many French women. This print is already found on many handbags, boots, skirts and pants. Next to the zebra print, we find the chain and scarf prints. Totally revisited by the Versace brand, these prints give a luxurious look to your outfits. These prints are already present on many long skirts and shirts.

      This fall and trendy materials

      There are a few materials that are already recognized as being the trendy materials to meet this fall’s clothing style. These include leather and satin. It is certainly true that leather is a material that has always been present in wardrobes. But in this season, it is preferred on long coats and in black color. As far as satin is concerned, it is a material that is perfectly adapted for outfits for outings as well as for work outfits. It knows how to give in no time a good dose of glamour to your looks. It is also available in various models. You will find it in pants, shirts, dresses or blazers.

      The colors of outfits 

      In this season, the clothing style is not only about clothes or accessories, it also goes through the colors you will choose for your outfits. And like every season, there is a set of colors that are in the spotlight, it is the neutral colors that won it this time. We mean colors such as brown, grey, black or beige. However, if you want to accentuate the neutrality of your outfits, we recommend that you combine them with slightly brighter colors.

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