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      Since 2014, KODD powers the fashion, beauty & lifestyle businesses for 2000+ brands/artists from 70+ countries near +5 million people.

      Bet on your brand image with Kodd

      +2 000 discoveries through +70 countries
      Website : +5 million visitors since 2014
      Kodd channels : +200 000 people reached per month
      Instagram : @Koddmagazine +31k with 10% commitment
      Instagram : @Koddkorner +2k with 11% commitment
      Facebook : +11k Like & Followers
      Newsletter : +4 000 subscribers with 7% commitment
      Digital Magazine : +300 000 readers
      Paper Magazine : 1 000 numbered copies & free (expected comeback in 2020)

      Via KODD, we offer you as an advertiser, to integrate within our
      audience, through print advertising (return planned for 2020), digital
      (the KODD print’s digital version), the web (KODD-MAGAZINE.COM
      and its social networks) and Kodd Korner, our Consulting Studio

      By listening our community, we propose different premium formats throughout the year, according to your needs, in order to build together, an offer that will best meet your expectations. We revealing a quality content, of our advertisers for their ambition, motivation and creativity to a digital natives community very committed to our positioning and our values.

      We advocating an irreproachable and creative work, by maintain our community with targeted publications, dedicated content, events, to gain visibility, generate traffic and digital and physical acquisition.

      If you wish to advertise, please contact
      [email protected].

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      Kodd always looking to offer opportunities to fashion, beauty and lifestyle’s enthused people who want to work in the industry. We will give you the opportunity to broaden your creativity in what you enjoy doing.

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