Valmuer, the Japanese brand to know Japanese Brand

      In April 2014, Valmuer opened as a select shop boutique in Omotesando, the center of Japanese fashion. The shop not only serves as a source of fashion but also culture, lifestyle, and many other trends as well. Valmuer has grown into a beloved brand and it is being supported by numerous Japanese celebrities. Now the brand holds its own product line and has established significantly from its humble beginning as a select boutique shop. The brand continually influences the Japanese fashion industry and is being considered as one of the hottest upcoming brands in Japan.

      The original line produced by Valmuer and its founder Christine Wei, born Feb 20, 1992, garden by Valmuer, has been attracting many local fashion enthusiasts and popular celebrities in Japan. The design of its product line focuses on elegance and chic taste that markets especially to those who appreciate fashion. Valmuer has launched its global website in fall of 2019 and has been growing its consumer base outside of Japan into Europe. As a result, garden by Valmuer has been earning great acclaims from across the world.

      And it’s not only the brand’s fashion item’s that showcase Christine’s flair, but also the shop’s interior. The cozy, artsy shop interior was supervised by Nao Taniyama, who has worked on the design of five-star hotels overseas. Set one foot inside the shop and you can experience creations unlike those of any other Japanese brand. The shop features a café and library space, providing customers with a place not only for shopping, but to experience fashion and culture as well. The spot is a constant topic of attention as a source for domestic fashion trends.

      Christine Wei has been consistent with her passion in the fashion industry . for as long as she could remember. Perhaps, Valmuer is a brand that she founded in order to shape her passion and creative thoughts into a tangible product line. With Christine at the core of the brand as an influencer with a global background that is able to reach out to many creators and talents around the world, her brand swiftly gained its popularity. Nonetheless, Valmuer has become the center of attention in the fashion industry in Japan.

      Christine was exposed to various forms of art at a very young age, and that upbringing has triggered her interest in the artistic fields. She then carried her artistic endeavors to France and Spain for a study abroad experience. Then she made Tokyo her home as she entered Keio University, one of the most prestigious universities in Japan. Utilizing her global mind and experience effectively, Christine has positioned herself in the limelight of the Japanese fashion world and is now said to be the Eastern Chiara Ferragni.

      In 2014, when Christine was seeking for the location of her first commercial store in Japan, she decided Omotesando. This area is home to many famous, major brand shops including CHANEL, Dior, and GUCCI, and is the most fashion-sensitive area of Japan. Even in such a competitive environment, her shop immediately took the industry by storm. Valmuer collaborated with the world renown photographer, Leslie Kee, in celebration of the store’s grand opening in 2014. They moved on with the launch of “fashion is project” as one of their first collaboration projects. His unique creations featuring collaborative photo exhibitions with popular models quickly gained attention and became a huge topic in Japan at the time.

      The brand has continued to carry out collaborations with numerous celebrities from both Japan and overseas, further strengthening the brand name and its portfolio. As mentioned earlier, Valmuer has recently launched its global website in hopes to a more global consumer base. Now, customers even in Europe can purchase Valmuer products.

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