The CIFF fashion fair returns to Paris Danish Fashion

      Kenneth Ize reinterprets Nigerian clothing to create an original perspective on luxury goods by supporting a small community of weavers and collaborating directly with various artisans and suppliers. Inspired by the traditional loom, they will work with nmbello Studio, a firm industrial design, to create a lightweight, portable and ergonomic loom. The loom will be launched in June at CIFF Paris, with the aim of highlighting the weaving industry in Nigeria.

      Designers cater to the society in which we all live, from the point of view of fashion: gender identity, political and geographical identity, as well as materiality and craftsmanship, proving that contemporaneity in design belongs both to a physical diet and an intellectual diet.  

      Upon entering the space, the viewer can observe flowers and plants growing inside the transparent circle-shaped cage. Foggy mist blurs petals and twigs in an artificially biological landscape. Ximon Lee’s presentation on the SS20 will take place at CIFF on June 23rd.

      Jun Inagawa wins fans from around the world with a work that boasts of the anarchic fusion of Japanese manga and the aesthetics of hip hop graffiti. The exhibition will feature part of Jun’s work, as well as his sketches and notes of the creation of his SHORT FOR Magazine issue.

      Stefan Cooke’s team will present a series of photographs capturing his first three collections in collaboration with photographer Laura Jane Coulson. The EUnify project calls for a critical engagement with the European Union. We really create opinion clothes for you to share a message with us.  

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