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      #Koddmusic presents the interview of the British artist Franck Carter on the occasion of the album’s release « End of suffering ». 

      #Koddmusic: I have 9 questions for you, so who is Franck Carter?

      FRANCK CARTER : oh men… you start with the big one ! Hm who is Franck? You know what? I’m still trying to figure it out, trying to understand…I think I have a « who I am » when I’m on stage, as a performer, then, a « who I am » when I’m off duty as a real human being walking around all the time you know ? But who I am is an aspect of my life. I am a good dad, I am a really good dad, I am an excellent performer and I am a good friend that’s the real me I think.

      #Koddmusic : What about the artist?

      FRANCK CARTER : The artist? Much more complicated… in the past I’ve always tried to ask myself the question that everybody else has, looking for answers to a lot of problems we have in life. It changes because I had just to focus on myself, I had to focus on the question otherwise. So the artist Franck Carter is to become a lot more personal, and I am trying to fill the hole in myself before I try to fix the war in others…

      #Koddmusic : Can you tell me more about your career? How did you start?

      FRANCK CARTER : I started when I was really young, my first band was Gallows a really cool punk band. I started when I was 19-18 years old for two years. We had song record and we toured in the entire world. It was just amazing! We met with every big bands, you can imagine, which we supported. We traveled the world, we went to Australia, America five times, I left that band and I moved to New York, I lived there for 5 years and I started with the second band : Pure love which is a Rock n’roll band and again we just hit road. It was a beautiful time, it was really really hard to break rules, but when I was about to get married, have a child, we decided to slow things down and in doing so, I realized it became a part of me, I couldn’t slow down I needed it ! To play music, and now I am here in Paris talking to you!

      #Koddmusic : The production of your album « End of suffering » lasted only 6 months, can you explain the process ?

      FRANCK CARTER : Well, it’s a bit crazy. The things is, we had a lot of time to do what we wanted to and go anywhere. We just played on our notoriety relentlessly, we toured, we toured. We didn’t speak for a couple weeks but still took the time to meet. We just started it and weeks later we had the buns of an album, we were so excited about it, we just had to keep pushing it, so we pushed it… we learned together really fast and we travelled more. That time away, when we had nothing to do but play music, we played guitars and sang. We got really good players, we got an excellent producter, and we made an amazing album.

      #Koddmusic : Is it why it was easier for you?

      FRANCK CARTER : It just happened. You know, When you’re working on a project that you love and you have the right people around you, it’s like you finished the day without sighing for the work you’ve just done and you just ask yourself « why it can be like this everyday? »

      #Koddmusic : I think your album is more groovy and modern, what is your art direction?

      FRANCK CARTER : We wanted to make it a little groovy like, we didn’t just want to make a hard rock album. We don’t just listen to rock music. Dean listens to everything, from techno to classical. I’m listening to Travis Scott and 21 Savage, so we love all type of music. We are just good to rock music that’s all we do, when we get together we start pouring all kinds of inspiration whether it is Asap Rocky ,Post malone, or Avicii whatever it is, it’s just natural for all of us to presented it in the way that we know, which is rock, guitars.

      #Koddmusic : Everybody loves to dance to have a good vibes!

      FRANCK CARTER : Exactly, we are in a world so serious, you know, it is a serious album, but it should be a hopefull album. Even in your darkest time there is always a tomorrow, always something new.

      #Koddmusic : So, what about the music video, how did you create it?

      FRANCK CARTER : Basically, we finished the song, and it was all about this idea when someone tryna tell you who you should be, how you should dress, the music you should listen to, who you should love…if ever you feel like you don’t agree, then, you should smash them and walk straight through them and be the person that you want to be, because that’s how you will get true happiness. You never ever gonna be happy if you’re living with someone else’s rules, those of your parents, your teacher, your partner, if you’re living for someone else, you haven’t even started to live yet  so that’s what we want to make the song about, to also says to our fans we’re going do what ever we want.

      #Koddmusic : So what are your music influences, you told me about rap, hiphop, rock?

      FRANCK CARTER : Everything! From Swae Lee to Elton John who is a huge inspiration, I think he makes the best songs of all time. I just love music, if it’s good.

      #Koddmusic : Do you have a last word for people who follow you or people who want to make music?

      FRANCK CARTER : For people who follow us I just wanna say thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart because you’ve given us the best job in the whole world, we feel so blessed to be doing what we do everyday, I am here in Paris talking to you, we are very lucky. And for people who wanna make music, I would say just play every single day! And if you having trouble, the biggest advice that I have for people who are starting, put it in yourself.

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