Falltown, the interactive web series to see French Series

      #Falltown is a 26′ per episode web series that follows a group of high school students trying to survive a strange threat, as if trapped in a giant chessboard manipulated by the viewer himself.

      This interactive comedy offers the Internet user an unprecedented level of involvement: at the end of each episode, he votes for the character he wants to save. The one with the fewest votes will then disappear in the next episode.

      The script is therefore adapted live for the shooting of the next episode. A first. To help the viewer make this terrible choice, #Falltown is based on a dedicated site gathering episodes, but also detailed character sheets. These files can be fed with additional content, such as flashback videos of this famous forgotten evening… Could this be where it all started ?

      Watch the trailer below !

      A series created & Written by : Quentin Merabet & MélanieTran. Produced by Quentin Merabet. With the participation of : Annelise Hesme, Bruno Henry, Steve Tran. With : Théo Fernandez, Maxime Taffanel, Kimberly Zakine, Mélanie Tran, Kalvin Winson, Lula Cotton Frapier, Juliette Lamboley, Arthur Mazet, Marin Lafitte, Queeny Morel, Manfred Brisou. Broadcasting : For free on Youtube.

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