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      Originally reserved for men, the suit makes its entrance and imposes itself in the women’s wardrobe from the 80s. Passing between the fairy fingers of Chanel and Yves Saint-Laurent, this chic outfit is today iconic and very trendy. Discover in this article how to wear it!

      Zoom on the suit

      At the frontier between masculine and feminine, androgynous ensemble is nevertheless today the very symbol of an assured and liberated femininity.

      On the red carpet, in the street, at work or in the evening, women are increasingly wearing suits, symbols of refinement and classic chic and sober. Whether it is a trouser or skirt suit, this sophisticated and elegant outfit is within everyone’s reach, dare to wear it!

      In addition to being an an assured fashion icon, the suit makes your days easier. No more « what can I wear today… » desperate… With the tailor, no more headache: this set is waiting for you ready in your dressing room, just put it on and match it with a nice pair of shoes and your most beautiful accessories!

      The different styles of suits

      Depending on your tastes and personality, choose different styles of suits.

      • Those looking for a « working girl » style will opt for a classic and fitted suit.

      Naomi » blazer and « Karl » pants

      • For a more androgynous and casualeffect, opt for wider, oversized cuts.effect, opt for wider, oversized cuts.

      Victoria » blazer and « Marcus » pants

      • Finally for this summer, choose a more daring and summery look thanks to original cuts and bright colors !

      Lola » blazer and « Scotty » pants

      When and how to wear a suit ?

      To wear the suit, nothing could be simpler : choose the « total look » by opting for the ensemble or wear the jacket or pants separately.

      Wearing a suit set

      Here are a few tips for a rendering without false notes :

      • For a classic and chic look, slip a prettywhite shirt under your suit and get your best pair of heels, the « working girl » look is yours !
      • For a more urban, casual and elegant look, opt for light-colored suits (white, beige, powder pink), a white silkscreened t-shirt with a pattern and, on the feet, your favorite white sandals or sneakers.
      • Finally, for a chic evening outfit, dare to wear a blazer right next to your skin and pair it with a pair of heeled sandals… The night is yours !

      Wear the elements of the suit separately

      • The « blazer » jacket, whether it’s slim-fitting or a little loose fitting, will bring that much sought-after chic and elegant touch to all your looks. Combined with jeans/baskets or your favorite little black dress, the tailored jacket is the basic to have in your wardrobe.
      • As for the tailored pants, their perfect fit and fall will give your look a touch of elegance and presence. Wear it with a basic t-shirt, a trench coat and a nice pair of sneakers and you’re ready to wander the streets dressed in a hot look !

      The final rendering of the suit and how it falls on the body depends greatly on the quality of the materials and techniques used in the making of the garment. Choose it well !

      Choosing the right suit is the guarantee of a set imagined and designed in Paris and made in Europe. For a better quality of the garment, the materials are qualitative, tested in laboratory and the finishes are meticulous for a perfect rendering.

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