Second-hand cosmetic machines: good deals online Good Idea

      The cosmetics industry is one of the most successful sectors in the world. In France, it is the 2nd largest contributor to the country’s trade balance and generates 60% of its turnover (31 billion euros in 2017) from exports. But with more than 3,200 companies, SMEs or world leaders, competition is tough. To remain competitive, players must make constant investments to renew their fleet of second-hand cosmetic machines.

      Mindeal: the reverse search engine that saves time

      If buyers and sellers nowadays spontaneously turn to the Internet for their search for used cosmetic machines, it is not always easy to find the rare pearl among ads that are not always qualified and sometimes obsolete. To accompany buyers in their search, the start-up Mindeal has launched the first search engine dedicated to the purchase and sale of second-hand industrial equipment.

      A search engine that simplifies the process of searching for equipment, while eliminating the various intermediaries who can mislead on the specifics of the machines and inflate sales prices with their commissions, launched by Lionel Tabeau, whose father, Grégoire Tabeau, runs Osertech, one of France’s leading specialists in the purchase and sale of industrial equipment..

      Mindeal: a business model based on ancillary services

      Mindeal’s business model is based 100% on free contact: the site does not charge any commission on sales. When a seller has a machine that corresponds to the needs of a potential buyer, Mindeal simply puts the two parties in contact. They can thus carry out their transaction directly, without intermediaries, and therefore without additional costs.

      The company only derives its income from ancillary services, such as acting as guarantor during the sale of equipment, carrying out appraisals before the sale is finalised, or taking care of all the logistical problems linked to the sale of industrial equipment. These include dismantling, transport, reinstallation and administrative formalities.

      Saving time and money for everyone

      Because Mindeal takes care of everything, buyers save time, efficiency and money, just like sellers, who also get leads effortlessly. Moreover, whether the interested users are buyers or sellers, Mindeal can suggest that they be accompanied by specialists if necessary.

      Mindeal has an extensive network (more than 15,000 references) that is constantly being enriched and updated. Used cosmetic machines include industrial mixers, fillers, stirrers and melters.

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