Spekter, scandinavian brand who want to conquer Mars Scandinavian Brand

      Spekter is the Scandinavian apparel brand that intends to conquer Mars. The first collection, called Mars Collection, reflects the global ambition to become the first interplanetary apparel brand.

      „Our vision is that the first colonists who land on Mars will be equipped with our clothing brand Spekter,” says Roxana Spekter, CEO and designer. Spekter clothes use such non-trivial solutions as magnetic fasteners, transforming parts that change their functionality and fluorescent materials glowing in complete darkness.

      The clothes are made of high-tech fabrics that are used in the tactical gear issued to the armed forces of Scandinavia. Thanks to the multilayer membrane fabrics, the garments are waterproof and at the same time breathable, which allows you to feel comfortable regardless of the weather conditions.

      This combination of qualities is ideal for the Scandinavian climate with sudden weather shifts when there is rain and sleet one day and then sunshine the next.

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