Pinko & the spirit of the Love Bag line Italian Brand

      Love kills… hate, prejudice, taboos, certainties, stereotypes, fear. Love releases our most natural instincts, our spontaneity. Love let us dream and loosen up. Strong, eye-catching images.

      An iconic, fascinating video (below), vibrant with energy and mystery, encapsulates the spirit of the Love Bag line, perfectly translating the courageous, passionate, independent and determined spirit of the Pinko woman. A dynamic, magnetic London, on the edge between day and night, serves as the backdrop for the video, capturing the protagonist facing quotidian or thrilling adventures.

      More than just an accessory, the Love Bag, like a precious amulet, becomes her most loyal alley. The small obstacles of the everyday life, including a broken-down car, cannot stop the powerful and courageous Pinko woman. She is not afraid to play in the dark, she doesn’t curb her ambitions, she knows she can achieve what she wants. Even if she can be tough, she knows how to release her restraints. She loves and she lets herself be loved.

      She is versatile and diverse as the Love Bag, which is developed in a wide range of shapes, materials and details, all special and captivating. From the micro studs and the sparkling mirrors to the laminated leather, the Love Bag becomes a declaration of love to life, independence and courage… an ode to freedom, symbolized by the iconic closure showing the recognizable tiny birds.

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