Solid shampoo, the new must have Trendy to try absolutely

      Whether or not you are a fan of organic or ethical cosmetics, this new hair recipe is becoming more and more popular with everyone. Democratized thanks in particular to the Lush and Véganie Paris brands, solid shampoo has become one of the #Beautylovers’ flagship products. Did you know that you can also create your own solid shampoo ? This article will tell you a little more about this new phenomenon.

      Let’s talk about the environment: It’s important to know that solid shampoo has many advantages. Easy to use, ecological, economical… it is an absolute must for your vanity! It is certainly thanks to these three main reasons that you must let yourself be seduced by this product. Opting for a solid shampoo means choosing beauty that is zero waste (and yes!). If we talk about figures, in France, about 5 shampoos are sold every second or about 400,000 bottles per day according to Planetoscope. Unlike traditional shampoo, solid has almost no packaging (depending on the brands and if you opt for homemade) so good news for the environment and the planet (a small gesture today = a big gesture for the future).

      You should also know that solid shampoo has a lot of hair benefits. In particular, it respects the production of natural sebum and does not attack the fibre with harmful substances. Most of the time, it is formulated from foaming agents extracted from plants, vegetable butter, clay and/or protective oils. This way, your hair will be stronger, softer and undeniably silkier! However, you should choose a natural and chemical-free shampoo (don’t rely on the solid shampoo policy. They’re not all 100% natural! You should read the ingredients of the package to make sure it is completely natural if that is what you are looking for). Nevertheless, just like traditional liquid shampoos, solids are also targeted and can be adapted to all types of hair: anti-film, coloured hair, conditioner, greasy, dry, fine… etc. There is something for every taste and every need.

      A big plus, solid shampoos are twice as economical. Why? Why? Because in most cases (depending on the models, sizes of course), one solid shampoo is equivalent to two or even three bottles of liquid shampoo. As for use, nothing could be easier, just like clothing soap, simply rub the product between wet hands or directly on wet hair to create a creamy lather that is easy to spread over your entire hair before rinsing. It should also be noted that if you are a traveler, a nomad, a sportsman or if you don’t like to burden yourself, this is the ideal option! Its small size, which does not take up much space in toilet bags, allows you to unload the classic shampoo, which can eventually spill into your bag, for example.

      DIY (Do it yourself) enthusiasts, protectors of the environment, say thank you to the solid shampoo because your wallet will thank you thanks to its lower price. Let’s go on an adventure full of discoveries. To your shampoos (solid of course)!

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