Iceberg water, the ultimate moisturizing cosmetic ingredient Advice

      Are you familiar with iceberg waters? If not, we will explain its history and worldwide success! Described as the purest waters in the world, they are very popular in the food sector where they are offered in the form of bottled water or as a drink. However, are you aware that iceberg water is also used in the cosmetics sector? If you didn’t know that, you’ve been informed!

      Everybody knows the benefits of water

      We all know what water does to our bodies. Let’s talk about skin hydration, more specifically the cosmetic ingredient: iceberg water. If you are a fan (or not) of beauty products, you must surely be aware of these ingredients with exceptional virtues, based on truffles, caviar or gold leaves… integrated by a number of cosmetic brands. The progress of science has a lot to do with it! As far as water is concerned, we know that it is used in the composition of aqueous bases. As for iceberg water in cosmetics, we have discovered a new brand, Polaar, is betting on this famous premium water for its skin cosmetic products. If you don’t know it, it’s the very first cosmetics brand born from scientific research in the polar world. That’s all!

      Is iceberg water eco-friendly ?

      Iceberg water is good for the skin, however, does it do as much good for the planet? This is a question that many professionals and specialists in the sector ask themselves. Some will say that it’s a marketing ploy, that it’s just a water like any other, that the planet suffers… Others will say that the controlled use of this water will not harm the planet if the professionals who use it take care of it. The good news in all this is that the scarcity and location of icebergs means that the global market cannot take hold of them. It should also be noted that given its production cost, the selling price is high. This means that only a specific part of the population is affected. Who says less customers, says less disasters? Only time will tell.

      Trying it out means adopting it ?

      To properly moisturize your skin on a daily basis, preserve its radiance and prevent the appearance of wrinkles, iceberg water-based cosmetics are worth trying. The expressions “Have a baby’s skin” and « wear like the New Bridge » will take on their full meaning if we base them on the benefits advocated by the various cosmetic brands that use this miracle ingredient. If you want to quench your thirst and moisturize your skin in a natural and premium way, setting up a beauty care routine based on iceberg water is the best solution. You will be able to face your longest days while having a fresh, luminous and sparkling skin.

      According to cosmetic specialists, iceberg water offers its purity and an intense level of hydration to the skin. Result, more comfort, radiance and suppleness for your epidermis!

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