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      Edwin Yansané – Chocolatier
      Edwart’s Co-founder

      His history

      Edwin knows very young that he will become a chocolatier. As a child, visiting an artisanal chocolate factory opens his mind to a culinary, creative and meticulous world that fascinates and attracts him. He studied pastry and then specialized in chocolate making. During his studies, he meets Arthur. The two students combine their ideas, skills, passion and name to create a mix between EDWIN and ARTHUR: the EDWART chocolate factory. Together, they open two exhilarating boutiques in Paris where they welcome top-of-the-range chocolate lovers.

      Her world

      Edwart is a delightful journey that awakens the senses. In turn, sight, smell and taste are stimulated. Each of the chocolates is a mixture of universes and flavors where spices and aromas jostle each other. In a candy, different sequences of tastes unfold one after the other, from the most classic to the most original, not missing, each time, to let surprise the palaces of the finest gourmets.

      Its values

      At Edwart, the ingredients are chosen with care, in the four corners of the world. The two chocolatiers love to delight those who enter their shops by offering them a warm experience, strong emotions and taste. Each personality finds the chocolate that suits him at a specific time. Rewarded by the Award of originality at the Salon Du Chocolat 2016, they create artistic ornamental creations that they work with finesse, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

      His desires

      Edwin wants to continue to create surprising, quality and fine things in the mouth. For 2017, his great desires revolved around the development of collaborations with concepts distant from the world of gastronomy. It also has as ambitions to open a third shop and propel the Maison Edwart to the rank of Parisian address impossible to circumvent.

      His advice

      for future artisans-chocolatiers According to Edwin, the slogans to succeed such an adventure are: perseverance, work and will. Arthur and himself did not flinch at the first difficulty: they have crossed and continue, day after day, to overcome the obstacles that impose themselves on them.

      His world in pictures

      Store le Marais
      17 Rue Vieille du Temple, Paris 4
      01 42 78 48 92

      Store Concorde
      244 Rue de Rivoli, Paris 1
      01 49 27 03 55

      Taste the chocolate Edwart Paris

      Elodie Yvars

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