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      Did you just get your best drawing tattooed? Great! Great! It must have envied you for years. However, getting a tattoo is one thing, but maintaining it is another. A successful tattoo is a well healed tattoo. This step therefore requires some recommendations that you will find in this article.

      Know how to listen to your skin and take care of it

      Tattooing is above all an art, a completely different way of expressing yourself and your personality. Although it has become a fashion trend, many people are interested in it without knowing how to heal their tattoos properly. For those who don’t know, tattooing consists in introducing ink into the first layer of the skin using needles to bring out an indelible pattern….

      But what people don’t know is that this thin layer of the epidermis is specially designed to protect the body from bacterial invasion. And once this protective barrier is opened by the tattoo, the body becomes more and more vulnerable. The skin becomes red and swells while rejecting lymph.

      During this stage, about 4 days, pain and heat will be felt. You will be more sensitive and fragile than ever. This is why to heal a tattoo well, hygiene must take precedence.

      How long does a tattoo heal ?

      To heal a tattoo, it takes on average between 3 to 6 weeks. But it depends mainly on the size of the drawing, the tattooed areas and, as mentioned above, the lifestyle of the person who got a tattoo. If you strictly follow the rules of tattoo healing, there should be no problem.

      Of course, Alternative Medicine can speed up this step but for a better effect, follow the advice of your tattoo artist to heal your tattoo well. For example, you can go to the blackblade tattoo salon in paris pour avoir les conseils de pros.

      Healing tattoos: what to do and what not to do

      Before you leave your tattooist’s house, you must require him to clean the wound thoroughly. A good tattoo artist doesn’t even expect to be asked. He will cover it with a thin layer of Vaseline and a temporary dressing with cellophane. Keep the dressing for a maximum of 2 hours and before removing it, take the time to wash your hands. It’s vital to heal your tattoo.

      The tattoo should be washed with antimicrobial soap, with neutral ph, about two to three times a day. And to ease your pain, wear loose cotton clothing that is comfortable enough. Avoid tight and tight clothing because once they stick to it, it will be painful and difficult to remove. After all, you must allow free air to pass through to allow your skin to breathe. A closed wound can slow down healing.

      However, it is worth noting that during tattoo cleaning, it is prohibited to rub a tattoo. This can tear off the scabs and therefore slow down the process of healing your tattoo. It is also best to clean it with warm water and not cold or hot water. Cold water can promote the spread of germs, while hot water can be unbearable.

      It is also forbidden to swim or rather soak the tattooed skin in water (swimming pool, sea, bath) and to expose yourself to the sun for too long without protection. Moisture and perspiration slow down the healing of tattooed skin while UV rays from sunburn are harmful to them. Shower gel and any other product not recommended are also prohibited. Find all the tips to make a tattoo on website.

      What products should I use to heal my tattoo ?

      Organic products are the most recommended to heal a tattoo. You can apply either argan oil, coconut oil or almond oil. You can find them in organic shops, pharmacies or supermarkets in the cosmetics section. It is said that these oils have regenerating and moisturizing effects and are therefore perfect for a good healing of a tattoo.

      But there are also different types of healing cream and pharmaceutical drugs specifically designed to heal a tattoo. There is, for example, Bepanthene cream. The disadvantage of this chemical is that it is difficult to apply to the skin because it is too oily, especially in the ointment version. Applied to tattooed skin, injured skin, it is a little frustrating even if it helps to heal a tattoo more quickly.

      You can also use Dexeryl or Cicatryl. There are some in all pharmacies and in your tattoo parlour. Your tattoo artist can even provide you with some.  In short, do not scratch over your tattooed skin. With these products, you will be more relieved. You can scratch around it but not on it.

      And when you go outdoors, never forget to cover yourself. The sun and its UV rays are the first enemies of tattooed skin. Apply a thin layer of sunscreen. The one with a P50+ index is more bearable and more favorable to allow you to heal your tattoo and keep its beautiful colors and sharp contours. In short, petroleum-based chemicals require greater attention in use.

      Finally, each tattoo artist, according to their experiences, will give you his own advice. It is up to you to judge those who are reliable. Your health and the durability of your tattoo depend on it. A beautiful tattoo also depends on the technique used. Indeed, becoming a real and pro tattooist is not for everyone. For more information on how to heal a tattoo, click here.

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