Fashion No Conclusion – First Show of AMBROSIAL in Paris to stage a flowing trend Recommendation

      Greek yoghurt, the rich and mellow specialty of the Mediterranean country packed with great nutrients, is very popular in Europe. Many never realized it’s just as celebrated in China. The AMBROSIAL Greek Flavored Yoghurt from the Yili Group is a diary product well-loved by Chinese young consumers for its trendy, youthful and vibrant image. Apart from the constant effort to present new flavours and designs, this mega-hit Chinese yoghurt brand has recently set foot on the fashion stage—it has sealed a collaboration with Dice Kayek, a Haute Couture French Brand with Turkish heritage which has been a member of the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode since 1994, and the high fashion travel magazine “ Condé Nast Traveler China ”. This collaboration has brought to them an item that represents the fun in life and the style of high fashion.

      This interesting experiment integrates the common genes of three brands from completely different domains: Blue is the most representative visual element of AMBROSIAL, the key tone of the Condé Nast Traveler China magazine and the image of the Turkish hometown of Ece Ege and Ayse Ege, the sibling fashion designer duo of Dice Kayek. Meanwhile, scarf is the image and epitome of the fashion capital that is Paris. The sibling designers of Dice Kayek have lived in Paris for a long time and love the city for its key position in the history of art development. They often carry sketchbooks and brushes with them to record the inspirations from the streets, roads, and even their dreams and translate these inspirations into designs.

In this collaboration, the designer duo of Dice Kayek chose three new yoghurts of AMBROSIAL as the source of inspiration: the new coffee yoghurt made from the finest selected coffee beans, the consistency-rich new highland barley yoghurt made from a fine selection of high-quality green oranges, imported grapefruits and plateau sun-kissed barley, and the mixed fruit flesh yoghurt that blend juices of sweet sour kiwi and green grapes with rich and smooth yoghurt. The silky flowing feel of yoghurt, the refreshing elements of grapefruit, green orange, kiwi and coffee beans, as well as the stylish life of Paris combine to give an amazing Soul Map:

      The heart of the design comes from the Parisian icon—the Eiffel Tower. The planarization of classic geometrical shapes and multi-perspective deconstruction of Dice Kayek is supplemented with the kaleidoscopic symmetry principle to give a sense of flow from the surroundings to the centre. The ribbon decorations and fresh dynamic fruit elements mirror the Parisian diversity in fashion, art and life… this is how a collaboration scarf full of fashion inspirations was born.

      On top of the scarf, this collaboration also includes a limited edition of a new series of yoghurt by AMBROSIAL and the AMBROSIAL’s Paris Map of Fashion Inspiration from Condé Nast Traveler China, through which funny interpretations are given from the perspective of life style, and some frequent guests from European fashion magazines are invited to showcase the fashionable match up for the collaboration items. Renowned French actress, host and fashion blogger Patricia Gloria couldn’t wait to share the snap of the collaboration scarf on Instagram as soon as she got it. « I must be one of the first people lucky enough to get my hands on this co-branded scarf. I really like the joint design by AMBROSIAL, Dice Kayek and Condé Nast Traveler China. I’m sure I’ll be wearing it every day this month! »

      The collaboration scarf isn’t arranged for sale at the moment. The AMBROSIAL’s Paris Map of Fashion Inspiration will be released with the April issue of Condé Nast Traveler China in China, while the new designer AMBROSIAL yoghurt will be sold as limited mystery boxes in China. How wonderful would the taste of this Greek yoghurt that inspires the Dice Kayek sisters ?

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