Eyekimos, Aviad Masasa’s futurist sunglasses Israeli brand

      Eyekimos is a collection of sunglasses, inspired by the inuits which created their first sunglasses 2000 years ago. The design is perfectly compatible for the modern age and was derived by the designer’s futuristic vision. ‘Eyekimos’ sunglasses were 3d printed and painted by paint injections, as a result each item of the collection is unique.

      ‘Eyekimos’ come with removable strips, which can replaced by the person who wears them, as to his personal taste. The strips prevent the sunglasses from slipping or falling, so the person who wears them can engage with almost any kind of sports.’Eyekimos’ are unisex and well adjusted for both women and men. You can discover the sunglasses by clicking the play icon above !

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