Didu new collection Light My Fire Belgian Brand

      Di Du is a Chinese fashion designer currently based in Antwerp, Belgium. Di has been delivering a mix of feminine/sexual attraction alongside elegance and has been focusing on feminine power through her collections. Her work doesn’t only bring a hyper feminine, subversive, and futuristic point of view on women, but it also portrays the position they occupy in the contemporary society. She draws her inspiration from her Chinese cultural heritages, contemporary female artists, and underground culture.

      Di Du channels narratives of sexuality, political statements, and equality in her collections. Hyper feminity, subversion, and a futuristic approach are values that inform her clothes and collections.

      Di Du’s accessories combine unique and eye-catching pieces . The range spans from jewellery, to bags, shoes and hats. Futuristic 3D printed accessories or heels, and iconic styles are designed in collaboration with professional graphic designers.

      Version Française

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