Your makeup and outfit’s transition from day to evening By Tess DiNapoli

      Perfecting a flawless day-to-night look is a common struggle. If you’re a working professional who’s embracing the mundane nine to five, you need something that will turn your sophisticated work outfit into a stylish ensemble once quitting time rolls around. Despite the stark differences between daytime attire and night-time looks, there are ways to adjust your style without running home to change. In this article, we provide a few key tips that will allow you to transition your makeup and outfit from day to evening, without carrying an entirely new wardrobe in your car. 

      Go for a simple look during the day

      Building the perfect transitional outfit demands versatile pieces that can be worn anywhere. You don’t have to opt for an over-the-top work outfit. Not only will it be wasted in your office environment, but it will also be difficult to transform into a slinky night-time ensemble. Go for a simpler look during the day. Classy, minimalist pieces like a little black dress or high-waisted trousers provide a perfect canvas for your evening apparel. 

      Pay attention to the fabrics 

      The materials of your clothes can be just as impactful as their designs. For example, a leather skirt or jacket can look demure and fashionable at the office, but can easily transition to a sexy element of your outfit for a night out afterwork. Sheer tops and sparkly elements give flavour to your work ensemble, but they also look evening-appropriate once you remove your daytime blazer. Fabrics can change the entire look, so don’t settle for the same old boring button downs and pencil skirts simply because they’re work-appropriate. 

      Don’t be afraid to accessorize

      Accessories are your best friend when transitioning your outfit from day to night. A simple black dress takes on an entirely new look when paired with a chunky bracelet and long necklace. Keep a few key pieces at your desk or in your car. When plans come up, you can toss on your favourite pair of earrings and change out your jacket. With that minimal effort, you’ll have an evening-ready look in no time. 

      Flow with the trends 

      Capsule wardrobes are always a safe bet. However, if you want to look chic both during the day and night, you have to flow with the trends. Focus on trends that are versatile, but not too out-of-the-box. A chic pair of mules will push you to the height of fashion, while still ensuring that you’re office-appropriate. White dress pants will make you look powerful in the office, and effortlessly trendy at happy hour with the girls. Creating transitional looks doesn’t mean steering clear of trends. It simply means embracing them in an easy, accessible way. 

      Focus on the shoes

      Shoes can make or break an outfit. When transitioning your look from day to night, shoes should be the primary consideration. Changing out your sturdy work flats for a pair of high-heeled booties or pumps can change your entire look. If you add nothing else to your daytime ensemble, you should always change out your shoes. Work-ready kicks are reliable, but they’re not always all that fashionable. 

      Embrace the makeup basics

      Once you’ve perfected your evening outfit, it’s time to turn your attention to your makeup. After a full day of activity, your face could definitely use a refresh. While night-time looks can veer a little more glam, you still have to focus on the basics. High-quality foundation, eyebrow makeup, and lipstick are all must-haves. These products blur your imperfections and highlight your best features, ensuring that you look completely presentable, even if you don’t have time to put on a whole new face. 

      Opt for a buildable look 

      If you have a little more time to refresh your makeup, you should start planning in the morning. Daytime looks are usually a little more toned-down and natural, but you should opt for buildable looks. If you want to create a perfect smokey eye for the evening, use the same colours in your daytime look. Simply apply them with a lighter hand. That way, when it’s time to head out for the night, you can build onto the look you’ve already created and quickly enhance your makeup for your night-time activities. 

      Drama is night-time-appropriate

      Light daytime makeup is totally appropriate. But when the evening rolls around, it’s perfectly acceptable to add a little drama to your look. A dark lip or heavier winged eyeliner can totally change your appearance. If you don’t have time to change your outfit, dramatic makeup can make all the difference in adding a little more glamor to your ensemble. Make sure you’re applying your makeup in the appropriate light, as you don’t want to overwhelm the company you’re meeting up with simply because you smeared on a little lipstick in the glow of the fluorescent lights at your office. 

      Now that you know what to do, transitioning your look from day to night should be a breeze.

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