Mules’s trend : how to adopt them this season Spring-Summer 2019

      For this spring-summer season, the mule seems more than ever ready to invade our dressing. Timeless, this shoe, which already adorned the Marilyn Monroe’s feet, before going out of fashion. Its this year 2019’s trend ! Cap on the new fashionable shoe …

      The mule : quésaco ?

      Mid-way between slippers, moccasins and sandals, mules are light-soled shoes that leave the heels uncovered. They were previously reserved for nobles and religious, and were updated by fashion designers. Although the market is full of female models, as you have probably found by searching the shelves of your favorite shops or online in the women mules section, other models for men are also available. These atypical shoes come back this year again on the stage front.

      Why adopt it ?

      If you are not yet convinced, there are many reasons why you should adopt these shoes in this new season. The best argument is probably comfort: the mules will prove liberating for those who are accustomed to having their feet martyred by shoes too closed. But that’s not all, the mules are incredibly soft and light. With them, you will be able to frolic happily and without fear: your feet will be released, and they will thank you for it.

      Which mules are the most popular ?

      This year, we find the mule under various variations. To find them, here are some recommendations:

      • The mules with square heels : open toe (or not), they are suitable for any occasion.
      • Flat mules : among them there are the famous Gucci mules. The Italian brand offers us a flat mule closed and decorated with flowers: a small reminder of the spring spirit.
      • The fancy mules : try acid colors, prints and even braids. There is nothing better to give a little pep and freshness to his outfit.

      All-purpose shoes

      If you wonder which outfits to wear, you will be surprised, because the mules go with almost everything: pants, skirts, shorts, dresses, jeans … No more headaches, they adapt to all the looks that it’s casual, chic, etc. Reason why we will find them surely encrusted in all the decorations for the whole spring-summer season. The mule will wander as well to the beach, in the evening or at the office.

      You will understand, the mules are the must-have if you want to be stylish for the return of the beautiful days. To those who still hesitate, do not make the mule head and dare to take the step !

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