My Beauty Light, the perfect make-up light German Brand

      How often have you seen your own reflection in the car mirror or on a window wondering how your flawless makeup look suddenly turned out to be everything but perfect? Well, look no further! Reason for this is wrong bathroom lighting. Too dark or too bright, bad lightening can ruin a perfect makeup look.

      For so many years Susi Armonies, the My Beauty Light‘s founder and designer, was troubled by this as well, so she finally decided to do something about it. As interior designer she knew what the characteristics of good lighting are. In addition, the cosmetic lamps should be easy and anywhere to use, so the dream of perfect makeup results anywhere at any time for every woman could finally become true.

      My Beauty Light offers 3 ranges of products: the basic edition, glamour and premium. These three ranges each consist of 5 categories of lights that you can discover on We have tested the glamour edition and we can guarantee that it works!

      Visit our Instagram page to win a glamorous edition light now!

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