What is the role of new faces in the fashion industry ? Chronicle

      New faces, it is the name which is given to the novice models until they have enough experience and fame to begin a real career.

      They are a real phenomenon in the world of fashion these last years. Indeed, for some time, it is not any more necessarily the top models superstars that are approved by a large majority: we can see from now on new faces opening or closing the parades of the biggest houses, with would have been impossible only a few years ago. Often spotted in the street, the new faces are the faces of the fashion of tomorrow. They also make the satisfaction of the scout and bookers who track down them and launch them in the modelling industry.

      They are from now on the protégés of the biggest. Some know a quick ascent just like Faretta who signed at Elite in 2015 and who already has a list of more than thirty shows in 2016, in particular for Versace, Saint Laurent or Chanel just to name a few. She also opened the Mugler, Roberto Cavalli and Victoria Beckham shows. A fast exposure on the center stage for this new face which already competes with the biggest names of the modelling. Gigi Hadid, despite her status of  » daughter of  » also began his career in this way. We see her parading from now on for Tommy Hilfiger, Balmain or Victoria’s Secret. She was even elected as model of the year 2016 by the British award.

      And the men have nothing to envy to them: agencies such as Rockmen or Studio KLRP allow young boys to earn in visibility and hope to get an increase similar to those of Montell Martin or Elijah Brocklin. The phenomenon has grown to such an extent that the sites of modelling agencies have from now on a whole section which is dedicated to them. It is a real category for the models now. They are the top models of tomorrow, that is why they have from now on some credibility from the beginning of their career.

      New faces also take advantage of the fact that we are in a time in which everything goes super fast : people tend to grow tired fast, which lets numerous opportunities to new faces to be discovered, and to progress extremely quickly. In a short amount of time, a beautiful young man or a beautiful girl spotted in the street may walk on the most prestigious catwalks, what, if we returned a few years behind, would seem improbable.

      And the trend is certainly not slowing down, especially with the social networks. That is why new faces’s future shines bright: we will not stop seeing unknown faces opening and closing some of the biggest shows.

      Matthieu DONKENG ALIMETA

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