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      DSince the 1970s and with the advent of the multi-blade razor, the cabbage cutter was gradually abandoned by the general public. So it was a turning point that brought the disposable razors to the forefront.

      Shaving with disposables: is this the right solution ?

      If some followers praise the disposable razor, it is because, they say, it adapts perfectly to the various types of beards and offers a close shave in a short time. In addition, it saves energy.

      However, this method has many disadvantages in terms of water consumption, which its advocates do not mention. Indeed, according to some estimates, it turns out that two litres of water is consumed per shave, which is huge in the long term in money and waste. On the other hand, the disposable razor can cause nicks, irritations and skin lesions. Moreover, if we count the price of shaving foam and the after-shave solution, you will see for yourself that it is not at all economical, quite the contrary, in the long run, it is very expensive. We’ll talk about it later.

      The old-fashioned shaving!

      One of the main reasons given in the past for switching to a disposable razor was that it saved valuable time. The time wanted us to be efficient and effective in all our actions, but now, when we step back, we discover that this was a fallacious reason.

      Certainly, it is true, shave with a cabbage cutter will require more time for a novice. But, by gaining experience after several attempts, traditional shaving becomes automatic and you will soon be able to handle the cutter with dexterity and speed. Indeed, you don’t have to pass the cabbage cutter several times to obtain a shave of unbeatable precision.

      Impeccable shaving quality and time saving are therefore the two hallmarks of the cabbage cutter!

      Don’t forget also that it is a cult activity that provides a lot of fun. Thus, the morning ritual with cabbage cutter, shaving cream, hot water bowl and badger will make you experience moments of unique ecstasy. You will leave for your work full of enthusiasm and good humour.

      Is a cabbage cutter expensive ? Not sure….

      Some critics of the traditional shaving agree that this is an expensive investment. Is that true? In fact, it’s not as simple as you think. But we can do a little calculation if you want. It must be said that buying a traditional razor is not insignificant for your wallet. But is this without appeal?

      Compared to a disposable razor, you invest in the traditional razor at the very beginning when you buy it. From 80 €, you can buy a quality model and ideal to start with. And you will have it for life.

      For a disposable 5 blade razor, you will pay at least ten euros.

      You will then have to add the replacement blades, which will cost about €100 per year. So you understand that the price excuse no longer holds water and that everything is about the blades that manufacturers sell at excessive prices!

      Ultimately, the cabbage cutter is ideal for preserving the environment and this ecological dimension is a strong argument in favour of the cabbage cutter. Indeed, there are no disposable blades and in most cases, the shroud is made by hand from natural materials: wood, mother-of-pearl…

      Choose the vintage shave, is a commitment to respect the environment. This is not the case with disposable razors.

      Did you know that the annual quantity of shavers thrown away is 73,800 tons! Scary! Scary!

      This is food for thought! Maybe this inventory will make you decide once and for all to choose the good old cabbage cutter razor.

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