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      You want the best for your nails? Do you want to dry them quickly and efficiently ? Professional LED lamps are extremely useful tools for hairdressing salons for example. There are so many different models, with different prices, colours, shapes and materials, that it is best to think carefully about which one to take before buying one at random. Here is a short, detailed guide to show you the professional LED lamps that offer good value for money, durability and outstanding efficiency. Whether you’re looking to invest in a professional LED lamp for your beauty salon or for yourself at home, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here! Let’s get started.

      What is a professional LED lamp? 

      In the field of manicure, a professional LED lamp is indispensable. How to get by without such an efficient and fast tool ? LED lamps are specially designed to dry nails. In addition, their power allows a greater resistance of the nail polish, and thus a longer duration. LED lamps use light-emitting diodes for their lighting. Used in particular for road signs (with signs, lights…), LEDs are becoming more and more common and efficient. Used in very large numbers for screens, they are gradually beginning to replace other types of lamps.

      What are the benefits of buying a professional LED lamp ?

      • Reduces nail drying time considerably – UV lamps dry nails in 2 minutes while LEDs do so in less than 30 seconds.
      • the price of LEDs has been falling in recent years, making them more affordable
      • LEDs are very efficient : while UV requires a lot of energy, LEDs consume little energy.
      • they are very resistant
      • LEDs are also more environmentally friendly

      Questions to keep in mind before buying an LED lamp

      It is important to ask yourself the right questions before choosing your professional LED lamp: there are so many things to consider when making your choice! Here are the main criteria you should keep in mind:

      • the power : higher power will allow for more efficient and faster drying
      • the dimensions : if you are used to going to your clients’ homes to get their manicures done, then it’s best to opt for a small model that’s easy to carry and light. But if you are in your living room most of the time, then you can invest in a bigger and more stylish model!
      • Whether you want a manicure or pedicure tool, or both : this is important because sometimes some tools made especially for hands don’t allow the feet to fit in. You should therefore choose a machine that suits your needs.
      • design : your personal taste will guide you to the ideal product
      • the price : do it according to what you can afford, the budget you have set for yourself.
      • les different options : the more expensive the device is, the more options it usually has. For example, some products allow you to see the remaining drying time indicated on a screen.

      Best professional LED lamps

      We are now going to present you the 4 best nail dryers, taking into account the quality-price ratio, the power and the budget of each one !

      The 48W USpicy Nail Dryer

      This beautiful machine can be used for both pedicure and manicure. Its automatic sensors and the lamp on top, with LED or UV light, make it the ideal tool. There are 3 timers to choose from, as well as a cover to protect the eyes. The only drawback is the absence of a screen. The Uspicy 48W is available for a rather high-end price of about €55.

      The Mesauda Milan Starlight 48W

      With its 30 strategically positioned LEDs, this nail dryer provides optimum efficiency. The 5-second, 30-second and 60-second adjustable timer option is complemented by the option to select the machine’s operating time. For an equally high price (around €70), the Starlight is very practical and effective as a catalyst.

      The Abody 48W Nail Dryer

      One of the best in terms of value for money, this 48W nail dryer with LCD – liquid crystal display – has 5 timer settings and 33 lamp beads. Perfect for both manicure and pedicure, the Abody 48W is also very affordable – €20 on average.

      The Lovebay 72W Nail Dryer

      Finally, the Lovebay 72 Watts is ideal for the home and living room: despite its small size and lack of power, its price is attractive and reveals a good value for money. Available for around 30 euros, it has 4 timer settings and an LCD screen. The automatic sensors are triggered as soon as you put your hands underneath it. Its dimensions remain very practical for transport.

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