Tailor-made fashion is becoming more democratic and essential Timeless Trend

      With today’s fashion, especially since the democratization of fast fashion, it is no longer easy to find the perfect size of the garment you want. Whether we want to dress or wear shoes, it gets complicated because each brand offers its sizes according to its standards. This is obviously an evil for a good thing for some people! More and more brands have decided to adopt the tailor-made method, reversing the process based on the morphology of the customer.

      Thus, thanks to customization, this allows them to offer a service, high-end products that do not cost as much as one might think (prices very often start at around €150). There is everything in tailor-made clothing: shirt, dress, suit, jacket, hats, accessories, lingerie… etc. These are all products that are used for most of the time, for special occasions. Choose an Italian luxury shirt proposed in particular by Atelier Clotilde Ranno, is a guarantee of quality because the brand offers it in Egyptian cotton. CAUTION, the Atelier Clotilde Ranno’s shirts are made in Italy, including Italian shirts. The name comes from the style and the collar. Please check the page on the site for more information.

      We know that shopping can quickly become a huge headache. And given the number of shops and brands that are flourishing, not to mention the Internet, the choice of our size adds an additional difficulty. Indeed, there is the size but, let’s not forget the rest: color, model… etc.. Too big, too small, not your size… these are all things that make us spend more time shopping (whether in real life or virtually).

      By switching to custom-made items on a few of your pieces, you will first of all reduce your budget, participate in the fight against clothing waste (less clothes in your dressing room and an extra lifetime of your clothes because superior quality is guaranteed). It should also be noted that there are several brands that speed up the process by taking your measurements with 3D scanners. You don’t have to dress in custom-made clothes from head to toe, ladies and gentlemen! One piece is more than enough to become a fan.

      For most of you, your wardrobe is a real luxury. All the more reason to decide from A to Z on the final and accurate rendering of some of your parts. Thinking according to your morphology, your style, your desires and being accompanied to better understand your body is priceless. The demand is so high that everyone can be offered a dream silhouette! You can also opt for 2 in1 because, some brands offer you a personal stylist when creating your product. As mentioned above, with the Internet, the tailor made revolution makes it easier for these companies to continue the success of ready-to-sew fashion.

      For those who like to play it unique and who like to stand out from the crowd, choosing this way of consuming is the best solution. If you don’t want to wear the same clothes, the same accessories as everyone else, you won’t be disappointed. Custom fashion is a timeless trend that is confirmed, imposing itself and allowing everyone to display a style. You must certainly know that it is not always easy to assert yourself with your style and/or personality, when you know that ready-to-wear is made on a line. As you walk the streets, it is not uncommon to find many people wearing the same brand and model of bag, clothing and accessories.

      The tailor-made solution is then an ideal solution to say no to this standardization of fashion and its trends. The particularity of this trend also allows you to get closer to haute couture at a lower cost! In particular, we could say that the success of this fashion allows haute couture to keep its elitist place. However, it allows everyone to buy beautiful quality parts at a reasonable price.

      Becoming adepts of ready-to-wear couture by testing the era of the tailor-made!

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