How to Layer for Fall By Claire Hastings

      One of the reasons we love fall so much is precisely so many fabulous options for layering clothes. Fashion never seems to look so fab as during fall when you can throw over so many different pieces, without looking like a snowman. That’s precisely what you want to achieve with layering. A chic look that does not make you appear too chunky, but simply allows you to feel comfy through various layers. Check out a few of our creative suggestions and master the art of layering.

      Jacket under the coat

      When it comes to layering, you don’t have to limit yourself to layering only shirts and sweaters. Think bigger and wear a denim jacket under the trench coat to add a modern twist to your autumn outfit. With a black shirt and a bodysuit underneath to keep you warm, you’ll look stylish and prevent the chilly fall weather from making you feel nippy. Match the upper part with a pair of denim jeans and your favourite kicks, to keep the outfit casual yet urban enough to make you turn heads.

      A dress layered over a button-down

      If you thought you could wear summer dresses only in the summer, think again. Fall can be just as colourful as summer if you layer a stylish slip dress over a button-down. Follow the suit of Kylie Jenner and Sofia Richie and turn your favourite trendy Realisationpar dress into an all-year-round item to enjoy even when the temperature goes down. To keep you warm, think about throwing over a chunky wool coat for a fashionable balance. If you pick out the right under-layering, every dress in your closet can be designated for both the warmer months and the little nippier ones. A pair of ankle boots on your feet and a leather jacket over your shoulders will look fabulous when combined with a slip dress and a button-down.

      Layer up a cardigan underneath a jacket

      When you wish to add a layer of warmth without looking too chunky, think about wearing a cardigan underneath the jacket. This way, you’ll easily incorporate texture and colour in a rather creative way. If you wear a turtleneck bodysuit underneath and top the look with a blanket-like scarf, you’ll be safe and sound from the cold autumn wind and chilly temperatures.

      Use t-shirts too

      Who says that t-shirts are only meant for warmer weather? They can look fab if layered with a sweater and a blouse. A button-up underneath can be a great addition for those working in a cooler office. A moto jacket or a cool trench over it will be just enough to keep you perfectly stylish without making you uncomfortable. Whether you choose boots or sneakers to pair with this trendy combo, you’ll have an office-ready outfit within a minute. Perfect for those climates where in the morning you need a few layers more that you can easily take off in the middle of the day without breaking the outfit.

      Experiment with turtlenecks

      Turtlenecks are perfect for layering, just as well as they are for wearing on their own. If you want to go a bit out of your comfort zone, layer a turtleneck under a dress under a vest. When you’re going to spend a lot of time outdoors, and you still need an outfit that will make a statement and keep you warm at the same time, this is your combo. Another thing to try out is a turtleneck layered underneath a crewneck sweater and topped everything with a cardigan. Don’t be afraid to wear double knitwear over a turtleneck because it will be a true refreshment in the sea of monotonous outfits. To step up your turtleneck game, think about layering a turtleneck dickie over a shirt and under a coat. This is one of the times that you’ll appreciate a sleeveless turtleneck that will allow enough breathing room for layering without looking too much.

      Final thoughts

      When you think about layering, there’s a delicate balance between not enough and too much. That’s why you should try out various combos and look for the ones that will offer you stylish ensembles without making you look like a hanger for last season pieces. Mix and match and use some of the aforementioned tips to look for your outstanding combos.

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