Karawan, tradition first French Brand

      Karawan-authentic revisits the Silk Roads by exclusive creations in the University of Bath and Hospitality, valuing the natural ingredients and artisanal know-how to the best oriental traditions. A universe, inherited from the baths of oriental hospitality as much as rebroadcast by the creation.

      A world of inspiration where beauty is expressed through well-being and sharing. Karawan is committed to a solidarity economy and sustainable development approach for the creation of its sectors in Morocco, India, Turkey, Syria, Nepal and Vietnam.

      Karawan Authtentic relaunches its iconic range of Aleppo Soaps with noble olive oils and bay berries and enriched with red clay. Why do we fall for these soaps ? Because of the traditional manufacturing process of cooking oils in the cauldron, which retain their natural glycerin and fatty acids, valuable unsaponifiables that wash and nourish the skin, respecting the hydrolipidic film.

      As well as for the originality of the scents that offer a real perfume both subtle and complex, which adapts to the pure olive soap base, without covering it completely.

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