Shoulders-Up Fashion: Zoom Edition Advice

      For most people, everyday life involves a surprising amount of virtual interaction. Whether it’s taking Zoom calls for a company meeting or live streaming content to a Twitch channel, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to representing yourself from the shoulders-up.

      Each virtual interaction calls for a different aspect of our personality to shine, but without being able to use standard fashion tricks, it’s hard to make a strong impression. On a Zoom call, we aim to be professional. On a live stream, we aim to brand ourselves. And in terms of video chats and other virtual entertainment, we simply want to be ourselves—in HD, ideally.

      Keep reading below for some quick tips on accessorizing for all your virtual meetups. 

      Pro Tips 

      When it comes to impressing coworkers on a twenty-person Zoom call, silence and eloquence each have their place. Given that most will have to wait their turn to speak, stating your presence with a strong accessory is one simple way to put-together a look —even sat on your couch.

      This year’s Spring 2020 runway looks favored chunky, bright earrings. Designers like Ports 1961 and Marc Jacobs sent their models down the runway with colourful and heavy accessories. Utilizing high-fashion, modular earrings is one way show up for a Zoom meeting.

      Vibrant necklaces that include heavy beadwork are affordable, cheerful, and professional, available from designers like Roxanne Assoulin and Kyoto Tango. On the other hand, gold chains are also making a comeback, which add a professional touch to any look. As a general rule, the thinner, the more professional. 

      Hair accessories, like headbands and clips, are another way to look put-together and office-ready from a distance. Depending on dress code for remote calls, a studded bobby pin and a starched collar will strike even the most fashion-insensitive coworkers. 

      Gucci to Burberry to Anthropologie have all perfected the hair accessory, though Fendi’s simple printed FF headband is our personal favorite.

      Branding Yourself

      Live streaming has become a major part of life for many. Even major platforms like Mixer and Twitch, once used almost exclusively for video game streaming, are now home to a diverse range of content creators.

      Whether streaming is part of an alter-ego creative project or full-time work, finding ways to visually set yourself apart from others when it comes to aesthetic is increasingly important. In fact, there’s an entire branding industry dedicated to this.

      At the moment, single-earring statements from designers like Oscar De La Renta and Tibi are popular. Not only is the look edgy, but it allows for more expression with that single piece. Designers from Ambush to Alighieri are creating affordable, stunning single-earring looks.

      Depending on the content being streamed, adding a flourish to the nails is another pro way to stand out. For example, content that focuses on DIY projects may feature a lot of closeups on the hands, which means standing out is as easy as painting your nails. We recommend ombré or mismatched styles.


      Edgy Accessorizing

      Though live streaming card games like poker or blackjack are possible through channels like Mixer and Twitch, there’s also the incredibly popular online casino sector making the most of video streaming.

      Many major brands offer online casino games with multi-player features that connect users to others around the world. As video streaming features are introduced that allow face-to-face play, the emphasis on shoulders-up accessories takes a decidedly high-fashion turn. Dressing for the Monte Carlo Casino in Monaco is one thing, but what about the world of online gaming?

      While oversized chain necklaces and big hoops have also become incredibly popular, there are a few tricks that allow you to stay classy and take risks at the same time. Sure, the diamond is known for its versatility, but the pearl is a timeless statement.

      Designer Khaite is currently causing a stir with his pearl headpieces, while Jason Wu has released a line of gravity-defying pearl earrings. Tory Burch is providing a fresh take on the classic pearl studs, which feature gold embellishments.

      Whether you’re looking to stun with a headpiece or simply distract with a timeless look, pearls will go the distance.

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