Sarah McCoy & Nicolas Jules at Trois Baudets for Gisti French Artists

      The Gisti, The aim of this association, which aims to defend the rights of immigrants, is to fight for equal rights between French and foreigners and for everyone’s access to citizenship. Against the repressive and discriminatory policies that endanger the lives and liberties of migrants, the Gisti defends the freedom of movement.

      Nicolas Jules belongs to this conspiracy of poets who twist the rock as others twist the worms. His lyrics are fine and chiseled, on music lurking more on the filthy blues than on the polite prettiness of a sterile French song. Sarah McCoy continues a tradition perfected by Tom Waits, Amy Winehouse, Leon Russell and Nina Simone, who have transformed the ruins of lives in ruins into epics. « Blood Siren », her first step into a big label, captures Sarah’s haunted groan, a sound that shivers and touches the heart.

      The artists come voluntarily and the entire recipe is donated to the Gisti. More information on

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