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      A while back, we probably would have laughed gently at the idea of wearing push-up pants. We thought it was a ridiculous idea, that it was a pure marketing move. But for those always eager for discoveries and beautiful surprises there may have been a discovery of great pleasure and love for those “ridiculous” push up jeans  with actually an almost unconditional love.

      We wear our little varied range of the outfits usually on weekends while our daily reality during the week is summed up for 2/3 of the year in a standard jean-top combo. You, like me probably, never have many at a time in the dressing room, preferring quality, cut and durability to variety. And generally speaking, push-up jeans are for all those looking for the ideal jeans, the one that will enhance their shape while remaining comfortable, and most of all, wearable every day. May the one who has never sought this effect, when trying on jeans, raise her hand! So advice to those who are looking for pants that these kind of jeans will finally make a nice butt. And no more flat buttocks effect, a real phobia when choosing your future pants.

      The jeans prove to us that they still have more than one trick in their pockets, and that’s not magic. In fact, push-up jeans are a clever blend of well-made seams, well-placed pockets, and cleverly designed washes to make your bottom similar to  J-Lo’s: be ready to get your bum’s insurance as well! Push-up jeans are therefore not a precise model of pants but rather a sewing and cutting system designed to enhance your appearance. You can find this system on different models (slim, fare, boyfriend etc.).

      Where to find push up jeans ?

      If you didn’t know these jeans yet, you will quickly realize that they are easy to find and have already integrated most of the shops. So, if you’re looking for your first pair of push p jeans, why don’t you start from the pioneer, the leader in the industry, Freddy?

      It is a 100% Made in Italy brand (we could trust it only because of this reason) and it came up with the WR.UP® technology which actually made the brand so specialize in this sector. After years of research, Freddy has been able to combine a really high quality material with three different effect: the smoothing effect, the lifting effect and the shaping effect. Let’s take a look at them.

      Freddy’s push up jeans and WR.UP® technology

      The smoothing effect 

      The smoothing effect of WR.UP® perfectly shapes your waist, thighs and hips thanks to the high quality of the fabric, on which have been applied reinforces in strategic positions. 

      The lifting effect

      WR.UP® is the exclusive 100% bi-elastic denim jersey that defines your shape, raises your B-side and wraps you like a second skin. Finally, perfection takes shape.

      The shaping effect

      WR.UP® shapes and sculpts your hips, keeping your pants high and in place with a special silicone band. Be careful to always select the originals, you may find yourself with low quality push-ups, which may have a tendency to yield. 

      To be sure you get the originals, you should always check the glazed logo sewn on the back pocket and the label on the crossed loop and the mark on the silicone band inside the waist that are only present on the original Freddy pants. Look for them when you buy one, they are their guarantee of authenticity. Choose the push-up jeans that suit you, Freddy has created several to meet your tastes and needs!

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