Pinko x Stella Jean and Treedom Italian Brand

      Do you know the Pinko ? This brand is based on ethical values, always attentive to sustainable development issues and the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry. The environment and the well-being of people are essential to business ethics. You are here to be a self-business business. Becoming fully sustainable is a long way to go and moving forward, we need to take small, concrete steps.

      As such, the beginning of this concrete contribution is to raise public awareness of these issues and their social responsibility, as Pinko wishes. In 2018, Pinko has launched a long-term partnership with Treedom which is the only website in the world that allows you to plant a tree with one click and then monitor all stages of growth online.

      The partnership with Treedom gives birth to the Pinko Forest in Kenya, a plantation of about 10,000 fruit trees, including mango, banana, macadamia, African cherry and avocado. This forest is a gift to the local community, which allows them to grow the plants and use the products to feed the community. The second phase of the collaboration with Treedom is with Stella Jean, a brand that shares many of the same ethical and social values. Often called the fashion designer « Ethical Fashion », Stella Jean has always been a more sustainable fashion designer through constant and concrete work. The #StellaJeanPINKOtreedom collaboration gave birth to a Capsule collection of 5 T-shirts designed by the Italian-Haitian stylist and produced by Pinko with special attention to sustainability.

      Each garment is made from organic cotton and printed in watercolor. The illustrations, embroidery and patterns that characterize the T-shirt are all inspired by the Masai culture in Kenya and references to the fruits and colors of the Pinko Forest. The collaboration between Pinko and Stella Jean for Treedom has been officially presented during the last Milan Fashion Week.

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