Odi, the exhibition that mixes the Song Dong’s art and fashion Chinese Artist

      Last February, we met Song Dong, a Chinese artist who combines 25 years of architecture, art and fashion at the Xinhua Gallery in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. To this end, we exchanged with him around his universe, sometimes in the form of fabrics, everyday objects, oils on canvas and works that refer to life. Dive into its richness through Odi, an exhibition that gives life to the colors.

      KODD MAGAZINE : Tell us about you and the Odi exhibition

      SONG DONG : First of all, in general, art and life diverge but now, what I do is to integrate art into everyday life. That’s what I am and that’s what the Odi exhibition represents for me.

      KM : Why link architecture and design ?

      SD : After studying at a school of Fine Arts in China, I worked in architecture. At that time the architecture industry was prospect in China and for 25 years I worked in this field. I have a deep understanding compared of other artists. It’s an asset to me because I can apply it in art.

      KM : The Odi exhibition highlights the fusion of colors and different facets of your works. What are your main inspirations?

      SD : This exhibition is inspired by a scientific project that transforms the desert into an oasis. An analogy is made: the canvas is like the desert … And I create life on the canvas.

      KM : What do you want to do through your art?

      SD : Currently, I would like to integrate my art in fashion … I wait now, I wait partners!

      KM : Your savoir-faire translates into love of art and the protection of nature … Do you have future projects to come?

      SD : Actually, it all depends on what will happen to me. I’m waiting to seize the opportunities to live my vision of fashion, especially my vision of the garment, the scarf through the silk.

      KM : Do you have a last word for Kodd readers?

      SD : Yes … If art is higher than life, I want art to come back to life.

      Interview by Angela ANZ
      Pictures by Angela ANZ
      Lire la version française

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