How Your Clothes Affect Your Confidence and Performance By Sophia Smith

      Some trends come and go, others have a tendency to redefine the idea of fashion for decades to come (think: your little black dress, the power suit, jeans, etc.), but in all of these scenarios, we pick and choose our favorites based on a slew of different factors. When they are endorsed by our favorite celebrities, when they come from brands with ethical values and sustainable practices, when they are durable and beautiful all at once – we pick them to suit our personality, but also to reflect the time that has inspired their emergence.

      However, few people stop to consider how impactful our clothing can be on our mindset, our self-perception, and our confidence. And research overwhelmingly shows that what we wear can indeed make all the difference in our attitudes and our behavior. Consider this your brief guide on the effects of your style on your mind, and how you can choose the garments that will help you reach your goals.

      The motivation in your athleisure

      For some, wearing form-fitting garments made of almost-transparent materials is only a reflection of someone’s vanity at the gym. Throw in a tank top or a skimpy crop top, and you have a perfect gym outfit that seemingly serves no purpose at all. And yet, science disagrees. Research has shown that fitness clothing has a profound effect on your mindset, enough to motivate you to work much harder, to push through those tough sets, and to reach your fitness goals faster.

      Putting on your workout leggings and your sports bra is much like putting on your superhero suit – it gives your mind the shift it needs to persevere despite the challenges. Plus, the fabrics used allow you enough mobility and flexibility to perform your workout safely and they provide ample support for optimal performance. On both fronts, what you wear to your workouts matters very much for the results you want to achieve.

      The power of the power suit

      When you have an important presentation or you need to pitch a new client at work, would you envision yourself nailing the moment in a tracksuit or a power suit? Chances are, everyone would choose the latter, and rightfully so. Choosing well-tailored suits that embody our confidence (or build it up when we lack some) in colors that represent power (such as red, royal blue, or black), means that we know precisely how to use fashion as an arsenal of confidence-boosters.

      Power suits, in particular, have earned their name precisely because of their ability to give us the assertiveness and the boldness we need to reach for the stars even when the odds are not always in our favor. Add a pair of fierce heels and you have a winning combination that can instantly transform your self-perception, your posture, and inspire you to walk with your head held high.

      Lingerie in all of its glory

      More often than not, you barely notice the underwear you choose, and that seems to be a great benefit for your mindset. Why? Because comfortable, breathable underwear that gives you ample support without any pinching and scratching is the kind of underwear that gives you the freedom to focus on any task at hand. Alternatively, sexy, yet comfortable undies can make all the difference in elevating your confidence for a date you’ve been looking forward to – even if the date in question is not meant to see the underwear just yet.

      When you need that confidence boost paired with comfort, wearing a bamboo-made G-string can be a perfect choice for your skin and for your mindset. Such a piece of lingerie is a great addition to your collection for any occasion. Even for a professional event, such an undergarment can follow your silhouette without creating creases or lines in your ensemble, all the while keeping you comfortable and letting your skin breathe. 

      Clothes with values

      Bamboo has yet another benefit in the fashion world in addition to producing sexy and form-fitting garments – it’s sustainable and it’s very durable, thus empowering the slow fashion movement one stylish wearable at a time. But bamboo is not alone in this quest. Brands have started utilizing other sustainable fabrics, as well as production practices that reduce water waste and energy waste, and they donate to causes near and dear to their customers.

      Now, by supporting certain brands, you can actually support a movement, a cause, and a belief. As a result, fashion has the ability to help us feel better in our own skin and make a difference all in a single go, so the role of fashion is more than just empowering ourselves, but doing the same for others and for our most essential values. In turn, this enhances our self-expression and confidence over time. Knowing that you can make an impact with every purchase gives you the power to support the brands and the designers that are in line with who you are as a human being.

      It’s time to stop taking fashion for granted. We can use our wardrobe for far more than to just impress our superiors, but to rebuild our confidence and grow our impact outside of our own minds. Make sure to wear things that make you feel unique, that allow you to express your personality, and that let you be the kind of person you want the world to see.

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