ShinyWood, eco-friendy glasses Made in Bordeaux

      Created in March 2016 and finally launched on June 22, 2016, ShinyWood is the new eco-friendly brand of hand-made and affordable sunglasses made of wood and bamboo.

      The glasses are characterized by a very light weight (18 grams for the lighter ones), while being of superior quality. Moreover, since the wood is a plant tissue, each pair has streaks and specificities that make it unique.

      But ShinyWood is also committed to sustainable development through three pillars:
      1. Environmental pillar: The wood used in the design of our glasses comes from FSC-certified forests. These forests are managed to conserve and protect the ecosystem.
      2. Economic Pillar: The prices offered on our site are the same prices that we apply to opticians. Because we believe that such an essential fashion accessory to protect your eyes should not be sold at prohibitive prices.
      3. Social pillar: ShinyWood is also involved in social projects. Even if this is only the beginning, we are collecting school supplies around us and entrusting them to associations to promote education in the countries that need it.

      Thus, it is a true community of individuals who want to combine Fashion and Nature while having quality products at affordable prices that they wish to create. Our friends at are also on this mission.


      Dive into ShinyWood universe. And because it can be tricky to buy online without trying before, delivery and return are offered! (Just like the case).

      Victoire Beyens

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