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      In the middle of winter, the drop in temperature pushes us to stay warm inside. In order to make the most of our home during these periods of extreme cold, nothing is better than a few adjustments to warm up the atmosphere in our living rooms. Luckily, in their winter editions, the magazines Maison actuelle and Maison et Jardin actuelles offer us the best decorating and furnishing advice for this winter.

      The opinion of the editors of Maison actuelle on the best heating techniques

      There’s nothing better than spending the winter huddled in a little blanket next to your heater. But what type of heating to choose? Between underfloor systems, pellet stoves or cast iron radiators and above all the price differences, it’s difficult for a private individual and sometimes even for a professional. In the last issue of Maison actuelle, the editorial staff gives us their opinions and advice on the best ways to keep warm this winter.

      Maison actuelle also focuses on new trends in the construction of eco-responsible homes. Whether it’s modular housing, the passive house or the residential chalet, everything is scrutinized by the experts of the HD Media Group.

      A winter that gives priority to craftsmanship and respect for the environment

      At a time when the climate is raging and energy prices are rising, it is all the more important to pay attention to energy consumption. In winter, heating often accounts for more than half of the energy bill. All the more reason to take an interest in this latest issue of Current House and Garden, which takes the time to detail all the important points of good insulation. From roofing to heating to entry and exit points, the editorial experts of the HD Media Group propose efficient solutions that meet the needs of every home.

      Finally, for this winter’s best decorating tips, current opinions from Maison et jardin magazine are turning to arts and crafts. A trend that is making a strong comeback, since it values local know-how and offers an alternative that is more respectful of the environment.

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