We tested the vegetable coloring with Biocoiff’ French hair salon

      Since over 10 years, BIOCOIFF’, the first hair salon with organic colors, created by Charley Assoun, specializes in plant coloring. If we seem to discover it today, vegetable coloring is a very old technique. Inspired by Nature, she gives hair back its original radiance and beauty.

      Hair colorations throughout history: the hair has always had a deep historical and psychological symbolism. In all cultures and at all times, it has conveyed a very strong social, conscious and unconscious sense. There are 5 natural hair colors: black, brown, chestnut, red and blond. And 2 colors resulting from reduced pigmentation: gray and white. Since hair is also a symbol of beauty, seduction and sensitivity, women, especially men, have always sought to sublimate them by styling, cutting or coloring them to hide their white hair or simply to change your mind

      It is estimated that the origin of plant coloring dates back several millennia, in the East as in the West. Today, as since its creation, BIOCOIFF ‘is inspired by the ancestral use of plants and perpetuates the tradition by offering in its Parisian salons (especially at the place Jeanne d’Arc in the 13th and rue des scissors in the 6th) 100% vegetable colorations. This care is safe for hairdressers and colorists who handle them and are suitable for people with sensitive skin, skin allergies, but also pregnant, breastfeeding or under heavy treatment such as chemotherapy.

      Then, we tested the plant coloring and we guarantee that the desired result is impeccable! At first, we had apprehensions that quickly flew away. Angela from the #TeamKodd, volunteered to test the coloring in the salon of the rue des ciseaux in Paris 6th. Know that she has dreadlocks (over here to learn more), something not easy especially when it comes to coloring because the pigments can easily hide in the roots of each dreadlocks.

      The hairdresser in charge of her hair immediately volunteered and zen about the quality and condition of her hair. She carried out a mineral sweep, a vegetable coloring based on henna and indigo, followed by a skating and finally, a rinsing. This lasted about 4 to 5 hours in view of the mass of the hair (about 30 cm + volume of the afro hair). The result is incredible because her hair basically, black raven! From now on, her hair are brighter, less dry and above all, hydrated. Check out the before-after below!

      What if you change the way you take care of your hair with BIOCOIFF’ ?

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