French Appeal, creators of beautiful buttocks Made in France

      The brand of jeans that will make you beautiful butt ! French Appeal is a brand of jeans designed to create jeans that will fit you perfectly! Still in research and innovation the founders Hélicia and Aurélien the ambition to restore its nobility to French jeans.

      France, the origin of denim (understand « de Nîmes ») and the world capital of fashion and good taste, has all the assets necessary to produce the best jeans, designed to magnify the silhouettes. This is why all their collections are realized in their French partner workshops, located in Paris, Normandy, and Le Mans …

      These Made in France jeans are the way to put forward all types of silhouettes. A French Appeal jeans does not go through the fashion of the scalpel. The team producing these jeans created these products in order to trim the buttocks of madam like those of sir! We love the initiative!

      « We, French Appeal, impertinently dress the buttocks of men and women with a selection of high-quality denim fabrics, which we choose for their flexibility and aesthetic and technical qualities. » Tells us the founders

      French Appeal, creators of beautiful buttocks, with french style…

      Marine Cheniti

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