Tesalate and his new generation beach towels Made in Australia

      Tesalate is an Australian company selling on-trend beach towels made from cutting edge fabric technology. Their towels have vibrant designs and most importantly, sand doesn’t stick to them.

      The idea for Tesalate came to the founders when they were taking a hike to a secluded beach in Royal National Park in Sydney, Australia. After hauling their big heavy beach towels all day they started questioning : why there is no towel that they know of that looks good and is functional ?

      Fast forward 8 months of researching and designing, they launched Tesalate at Bondi Beach Markets (in Australia). In the few months since Tesalate has started to blow up, being featured in numerous blogs and being sold in top australian retailers. They put a lot of love and passion into making every of their products great, but they always want to strive to make their brand better. In this process, the brand proposed to us to test two of their products (Is this love & Leaf me alone) to give our review about them.

      At first glance, the print and the fabric seem to us to be of good quality. On the touch, we immediately notice a difference compared to the napkins of classic beach: softer and not at all sticky. Their promise: offer towels that do not stick to the floor, ultra absorbent, easy to fold, very light and dry very quickly! (Promise executed!)

      We tested the two towels to ensure their quality (2 times in washing machine, the colors are always the same as the first day …). And if we look at the finishes, they are just as impeccable! (In love on the double-sided print that will allow you to be at the forefront of fashion). Also note that we received them in less than a week (Australia – Paris) and in a very good condition: covered by a light packaging also (a black cloth bag with the name of the registered mark).

      Don’t ask any more questions about choosing your beach towels … Choose Tesalate and your holidays will be unforgettable and full of lightness!

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