Couleurs Du Temps, eco-friendly silk squares French Brand

      Couleurs Du Temps makes it possible to remember the passage of time on a silk square thanks to natural and solar dyes. Each color harvested is a reflection of the weather it did the day it was dyed. Since they vary according to the weather, their colors are vintages that are the memory of a place and a specific moment.

      Made in France, each square of silk is a unique piece, a souvenir that keeps in mind a happy personal event: birth, marriage, birthday, Christmas … The customer chooses the color and the date he wants to remember. Then the shade obtained will be a surprise! Each new object is unique and refers to each person’s personal story. This personalization by the color makes it possible to draw attention to natural phenonemes which unfold without our knowledge and which we do not worry any more.

      Couleurs Du Temps reinvests ancestral practices by drawing on our close environment to address current issues. The brand part of the slow fashion for a reasoned production. Thus, thanks to the ennoblement of silk squares in Paris, Couleurs Du Temps obtained the label made in Paris in 2018. Don’t forget to support the next collection of the brand on Ulule !

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