City Girl Living On A Budget Advice

      Living in the big city is an amazing experience. It’s ideally the centre of civilisation, culture and technology. Staring at the majestic skyscrapers is a true testament to what humankind can do. fresh graduates and small-town residents always dream of moving to the city with the hope of making it big. While many benefits come in living in the city, relocating there can bring all sorts of costs and inconveniences that may overwhelm anyone. 

      Life, in general, is expensive, however, urban living is especially pricey, to say the least. Nothing comes cheap and bills are always knocking at all corners of your life. Below are some few hacks and tricks that a girl looking to move to the city can employ; 


      Most people will admit not knowing the difference between their needs and wants. When one can genuinely distinguish the difference then life starts getting easier and impulse purchases will be a thing of the past. living on a budget doesn’t always have to be a mood killer. Make a habit of always jotting down all your needs and wants before any purchases. Do a follow-up on the items listed and segregate what’s on high priority and what can go on the waitlist. After buying the essentials, go back to the list and ask yourself if you really need something or you can simply do without. Understanding what causes you to spend will allow you to think through purchases every time you are out shopping.


      When it comes to wardrobe matters, it’s advisable to always opt for quality over quantity. Ladies are known to like a good price tag but what’s the purpose of having five dresses that are of cheap quality over one elegant piece that will last you a lifetime? The city offers an array of temptations and it’s always recommended to refrain from hopping on fashion fads that will be in one minute and out the other. Invest in clothes, shoes and handbags that complement each other and you can wear them again and again. Designer brands normally offer items that are durable and overly fashionable, however, a girl living on a budget may not always afford them. End of month sales or store sales are the perfect way of bagging yourself a designer item at an affordable price for ladies living in the city. The current Balenciaga bags sale has seen many on a budget get some impeccable handbags that they can add onto their collection and give some oomph and sparkle to their wardrobe.


      One of the major perks of living in the city is affordable public transportation. Moving from place to place is quick and seamless. All you need to do is just hop into a cab or an Uber and you are at your destination in no time. This saves one a lot of money and time to a point that it seems pointless to own a car in the city. This consequently cuts back on some expenses such as gas, Insurance or car maintenance. 


      City life comes with many niceties that may sweep anyone off their feet. Just because your friends live in posh neighbourhoods doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the route you should follow. Living in shady, dangerous areas isn’t an option but striking an affordable balance should be the best option. Choose life expenses that you can be able to sustain comfortably and leave some savings for a rainy day. Starting a fixed budget can make one feel deprived but it’s extremely easy in the long run.


      A wise man once said, ‘Life is for the living!’ This goes to show that at the end of the day, all that matters is to live a meaningful life full of drive and purpose. Treat yourself often for a life well lived and for having the zeal and discipline to effectively articulate your living on a budget. This will give you the energy and enthusiasm of accomplishing small goals that ultimately lead to attaining your major goals.

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