Apiya, the young French talents’s jewelry editor Made in France

      Apiya is a jewelry editor which promotes french talents. Apiya started with the observation of young graduate designers had a real creativity and can also have an innotivating and different impact on the high fashion jewelry trade.

      This is their idea, they choose designers, draw  jewelry collections based on a them ewith them, about a city, then fill in next steps : from production to distribution. Apiya wants to create a active generational exchange and from differents horizons . That’s why they connect different worlds next to their young talents (architecture, furnitures, woods…). The team committed to promote 100% french handmade, from the beginning to the end in France, 200 copies numbered, in production shops in Paris.

      With limited quantities, Apiya implies itself in a slow design logic, promoting quality over quantity and fulfill the research of exclusivity more wanted with the clients. Hey! Mother’s day is approaching ! Crack on their medals for the occasion. You can also get your favorite Apiya jewelleries on the Kodd Korner !

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