Beautigloo, the first Refrigerated Beauty Gift Set French Brand

      French start-up Beautigloo is ready to revolutionize the daily life of skincare addicts! It is launching the pre-orders of its Refrigerated Beauty Box on

      Developed with the support of a dermatologist, it preserves the properties of cosmetics and boosts their effectiveness, while being environmentally friendly. With its 100% Made In France innovation, Beautigloo responds to the problem of more than 20% of women in Europe who place their cosmetics in the refrigerator for lack of suitable solutions: it is not practical, not very hygienic and never at the right temperature.

      The Refrigerated Beauty Box provides a suitable environment for beauty products. Its optimal temperature of 10°C, regulated by thermostat, sublimates cosmetics by bringing freshness and performance. Creams, masks, serums, eye contours, perfumes, natural ingredients, all benefit from being stored in this beauty appliance.

      Version Française

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