Beach Bag Essentials for the Perfect Summer Advice

      Unless you live in a deep southern state with a tropical climate, beach weather is only available for a portion of the year. When the time comes, you want to be prepared and have everything necessary to have an amazing day at the beach with your family and friends.

      Forgetting even just one thing can cause discomfort, so it’s important to go over your checklist and pack your bag carefully to avoid any missteps. There’s a lot to remember, but here you have a go-to reference to check out whenever you’re getting for a day of play and fun in the sun.

      Let’s look at what needs to be in your beach tote bag this summer.

      Beach Bag Essentials

      • Body wipes
      • Wet bag
      • Extra clothing
      • Water bottle
      • Towels 
      • Sunscreen
      • Portable speaker
      • Sunglasses
      • Snacks

      Body Wipes

      The beach is a fun place but it’s also home to plenty of sand and salt – if you’re going to the ocean. Sand can be difficult to get off of your skin when it’s dry but wet sand is even worse. Once you’ve taken a dip in the water, you won’t have much luck ridding yourself of stuck-on sand using a regular towel. Instead, have body wipes handy to get yourself clean and remove sand with ease.

      Wet Bag

      A wet bag is a waterproof pouch that can be used to store wet items, such as soaking wet bathing suits and small beach toys. They keep your wet items away from dry items, like your phone, protecting them from damage and limiting sand exposure. 

      Extra Clothing

      Once you’ve finished enjoying the water and want to get dry, it can be bothersome to discover you don’t have a change of clothes. Sitting in your wet beachwear until you get home can put a damper on the day, so make sure you have an extra outfit tucked into your beach bag. Once you’ve gotten out of those wet clothes, you can store them in your aforementioned wet bag.

      Water Bottle

      During warmer months, temperatures can climb and staying hydrated is essential to your health and the health of household members. When you’re on a beach adventure, don’t forget to bring along several water bottles. There are numerous kinds of water bottles you can choose from, including insulated bottles that will keep drinks hot or cold for hours.


      What’s a trip to the beach without towels? Sandy and hot, most likely. Don’t forget to bring along towels when you visit the beach, keeping you from lying on the hot sand and staying wet for hours after going for a swim. Choose a towel that quickly absorbs water, ideally without getting too heavy so that it remains easy to transport.


      Sunscreen is one of those essential items that can be the difference between a great beach experience and a horrible one. Forgetting sunscreen can lead to painful sunburns, which cause skin to blister and peel as it heals the damage caused by the sun. Choose a sunscreen that has a high SPF, protecting you from UV rays and reducing sun damage to the skin.

      Portable Speaker

      The sound of crashing waves, seagulls, and the wind can be extremely relaxing – but sometimes you want to turn up your favorite song and jam while watching the shoreline. Pack a portable speaker so that you have tunes while you relax on the sand or in your beach chair and enjoy the scenery around you.


      The brightness of the sun can get a bit too bright when you’re surrounded by bright sand and beautiful seas. Instead of squinting or holding your hand over your eyes throughout your entire beach trip, bring along sunglasses. Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun and are available in different sizes, styles, and colors.


      There’s just something about the beach that makes you hungry – maybe it’s all the exercise it takes to get in and out of the water. Whatever the reason behind the hunger, snacks are an essential part of any properly packed beach bag.

      So, are you ready for your big beach day? With this handy checklist, getting ready to go out and have a fun afternoon is easier than ever. Instead of stressing and wondering if you have everything you need, just take a look at this list and make sure that your bag is filled with the essentials. Feel free to customize the list and add your own items, ensuring that your day goes smoothly.

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