5 Secrets to Successful Power Dressing By Stella Green Thompson

      Throughout the years many gorgeous women learned how to express their attitude, personality, and self-esteem through clothes. Today’s contemporary world brought various styles that suit women in all spheres in life.

      But the most vital changes I have encountered in the business world, and from there I’ve learned what is the notion of power dressing. Clothes aren’t worn merely to cover up our bodies, clothes define us who we are, they express our character, show of our ingenuity, and make us stand out from the crowd in the ever-competitive business world. Skip the ordinary, be imaginative and rock on the power dressing with these tips. Blend the unimaginable. One thing that struck me the most was the fact that I could literally wear what every I desired and felt comfortable in. In the past, you needed to dress smartly when you went to work. Once Chanel presented the world its iconic Chanel suit, everybody was bedazzled by it. The world twisted upside down. The power suit is still the majestic outfit that every businesswoman wears and totally looks ravishing and powerful.

      However, nowadays as I have discovered, you don’t need to stick to wearing plain suits and white blouse. The trick in modern power dressing is actually blending the impossible. Wear pink sneakers with a gray suit, match a wide yellow belt with long emerald green stripe dress, and opt for khaki baggy blazer and trousers which you can pair with black high heels. Glean imaginative ideas. To develop your personal power style, you ought to have a few basic ideas. I personally haven’t had the opportunity to witness ladies expressing their ingenuity in this manner at work, they were all matching the plain beige blouses with black pants and flat shoes, blah! I wanted something different, something utterly sensations, yet powerful enough to depict my business professionalism.

      For that reason, I bought magazines, went window shopping and even watched Fashion TV. In the end, I found my inspiration online. For instance, I needed some posh but fashionable accessories, and that’s how I stumbled upon Jewelry Jealousy blog  where there are loads of accessory tips for power dressing. Think outside the box. Even though Chanel reshaped the modern woman, I found out that the modern world is still evoking our originality. Power dressing might be about presenting our strong attitude and status in this tenacious business world, but why follow the rules? One day I came to work wearing a sleeveless turtle neck blouse tucked into a blue knee-length pencil skirt, with long golden boho necklace, and I could only say that many did turn (or rolled their eyes), but nobody said a word.

      Even this personal style can reflect on our business outlook, why not? Power dressing is a way to express your firm state of mind, and if you feel like wearing a gray suit with orange moccasins, there is nobody stopping you. Be bold. If you are going to implement one tip, then you should definitely obey this one. Another thing that has left me speechless throughout my career and my form of dressing is the thing that everybody was absolutely stunned by my outfit choice. Power dressing is aimed to empower the women, and your unique style should be seen as a form of respect. Believe me, I have tested that on my skin. Being surrounded by men, it is hard to find confidence and face the obstacles they give you. There is where you need to step in with your flabbergasting form of dressing, even though you are wearing a “man’s” suit.

      Break loose. In the end, you are aiming to dress for battle in the workplace, so you need to be at your top game. You can wear an « armored » uniform that strives your inner power and force. But for that, you need to break loose for the ordinary. I have worn Pachuca-styled pants which were renowned as male gang suits, and rocked orange glasses, and showed of might battling territory. Once I wore a fitting black suit and yellowish blouse but put a spotted bow-tie. It was both elegantly muscular and empowering that everybody at work was again left speechless. All in all, I reckon that it is important to present yourself as professional and competent at work through your clothes. And the fact that you pay meticulous attention to what you wear will make you show off your brave feminist side.

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