5 Fall Accessories Trends to Have By Stella Green Thompson

      The 5 Biggest Fall Accessories Trends to Have on Your Radar : With every season change, comes a need to change your entire apparel. Ocher yellow and bright red colors of the falling leaves dominate the colors of this season, however, accessorizing has also been brought to a whole new level. The fall accessory trends shift with every season, but there will also be some that are in a need of a complete revival. From trendy checked-patterned headbands to exquisite khaki leather shoes, there are innumerable fresh takes on accessory this fall. 

      Whether you desire to rejuvenate your wardrobe or simply add a twist to your outfit, here are the best fall accessories trends that you shouldn’t miss out on.

      1. Go big and bold

      Forget small, belt bags, because this fall big bags are finding their way as a top-notch accessory. This fall is all about ‘the bigger, the better’ rule when it comes to bags. First of all, with their size, they are first on the lookout when you walk to work or go shopping around the city. Not only are they recognizable, but big tote bags are sleek, practical, sophisticated and truly eye-catching. If you were to find a fantastic tote bag for work, you would be able to put all your necessary paperwork and still look drop-dead gorgeous. Big tote bags come in a range of colors, materials, and patterns, but this fall the most popular are wine-red, black and ocher with a skin-leather feel. The textured bag looks expensive at first glance, but above all, they symbolize your majestic character and business dedication.

      2. Embrace the lengthy and mismatching jewelry pieces

      Extra-long earring scream elegance on any given outfit. This fall is prepared to embrace timelessly gorgeous dangling earrings that go perfectly with any suit and dress color. The key is to wear long earrings with a chain of pearly hoops or delicately long dangling earrings made out of shimmery strings. These earrings will look meticulously on you no matter the occasion, daytime or nighttime. To add a slightly bohemian vibe to your fall look, chose fun tassel jewelry. However, if you desire to wear splendid evening jewelry, then you might go for mismatching jewelry. Mismatching earrings, for instance, are made of same materials like gold or silver and embellished with large ball-shaped beads, but one earring is circular while others have beads threaded with two pins.

      3. Opt for retro and funky shoes

      This fall you should definitely ditch sneakers for boots. Quality, leather boots have always played a significant role in all fall runway shoes. In the past, on the other hand, classical western boosts were extremely popular. Now, retro shoes and boots are having their major comeback. Square-toe boots are the chic thing to own this season, as well as bulky heal rubber boots. If you are keen on sneakers during your free hours, by following the newest fashion trends you will replace the white sneakers with retro ones. 80’s disco, full-volume retro sneakers for the street style scene are dominating the industry.

      4. Edgy headwear

      Get ready to spice up your fall look with hats that are more mature, solid and edgy. The traditional cozy and warm beanies and toques are topped up with extravagant, large bejeweled brooches. A draggy trend was aimed at caps that signify uniqueness and glamor. On your radar you should have tight, black leather caps embellished with neon-like crystals. When it comes to fedoras, opt for solid silk ones or magnificently printed, and make sure that you match patterns with your suit, trench coats or jacket. Last but not least, berets are a must this season. Chose slouchy knitted berets and style them to sit high on your forehead and so that it obscures the hairline, rather than wearing it traditionally.

      5. Old-school scarves

      Scarves either make or break the look. A rule of thumb is never to wear a bulky scarf with a large-collar coat. In all other cases, wearing a scarf can totally reshape your face and make you look ravishing. This fall, forget about animal printed scarves and get prepared for something utterly new. Vintage-inspired scarves with various patterns and life-like prints are a must-have this season. Usually worn closely tied at the neck with a classic pastel shirt and denim, or some rustic-colored 1970s dress, scarves give a final stamp on your entire appearance. Nowadays, many fashionable ladies use cool, vintage scarves as turbans and rock the look. Be daring this fall and try out headscarf in various over-sized, checked patterns, and bulky scarves that blend perfectly will any fall outlook.

      The following trends have never been so challenging and adventurous at the same time. New, dazzling accessories trends have shifted our perception of what is « in » and what is « out ». By blending some of these accessories with your preferred apparel, you will undoubtedly look impeccable.

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