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      Today, there is a more and more services and product offerings in the well-being and lifestyle industry. The market seems to be saturated but despite this fact, new brands keep emerging. What can consumers turn to then when big cosmetics brands exceed with new formulas, each more innovative than the last ? So what room is there for young brands ?

      The abundant supply of the beauty and lifestyle industry is due to the a demand that does not decrease. A lot of people are chasing the next product that will make your skin glow, the new lifestyle brand whose design is original, or the last fruit juices detox cure. Those last few years, monthly boxes with beauty surprises inside have become a big thing. They first appeared in the beauty industry, one of the first was My little Box. Then, they develop in others things like tea, design objects (Designer box), or even wine (My Vitibox). They are available in monthly subscriptions and give the opportunity to discover new products. Well-being is a daily issue for everybody and brands have well understood that.

      There are a lot of things to consider for a young brand that would want to start in the well-being and lifestyle industry. This is the case for Resestea, which offer tea cures, Avril Cosmetics, whose product are all organic, or True Colors Paris, a cosmetics brand that is adapting to every skin tones with beauty products and make-up. Those issues must be understood before starting the project, because the competition is already rue, the worst would be to not start your brand on good basis.

      Firstly, you will have to adapt the offerings to the new consumption tends and to personalize them the most according to people’s demand. Second, you have to identify a new target and adjust the brand discourse to reach them. And finally, it is necessary to think about digital in order to optimise consumer’s experiences.

      We often think that women are almost the only target of this industry but men are more and more interested in taking car of them, being beauty products, etc.. In a near future, it should lead to more brands that could do only men products. Glossy box have created a 100% masculine box !

      Those new brands have beautiful days ahead of them because well-being is becoming more and more important into our everyday lives. Specially on social medias where some accounts are dedicated to sportive routines. This market is a big thing because sport is today really connected and very trendy for young people, who, to improve their performances, are demanding new products.

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      Margot Viel

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