Women’s suit, chic look and made to measure. Fashion Tips

      Primarily popular with men, the suit has become a flagship look for women over the past few years. Offered in the classic points of sale, its custom-made version will make you look good. Custom-made suits for women were only possible with so-called « feminine » pieces: dresses, skirts…etc. Today, the pieces are mixed and matched, leaving people free to decide what they want to wear (masculine or feminine look or neutral).

      Whether you want a suit suit pants or skirt, the « Chic Women » style will always be there! For a job interview or simply to be elegant on a daily basis, the suit is the ideal outfit. Made to measure, it guarantees comfort and elegance in everyday life. From the office in the evening, the suit will adapt to your lifestyle in all circumstances. Made according to your morphology and your wishes, women’s suit can be worn all year round (however, the fabric should be changed according to the seasons, in order to avoid high temperatures, especially in summer, or catching cold in winter).

      If we talk about prices, a suit proposed for example by the e-commerce leader in custom-made women’s suits Sumissura, is from €189 (What a gift!). Let’s go for it! Glamorous and timeless, the suit, or more precisely the women’s suit, has become a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe (if you don’t have your « so chic » look yet, go to the checkout now). Made to measure, it perfectly matches your silhouette for a chic and elegant look in all circumstances! Just like the perfecto, this trendy silhouette has conquered all the feminine genteel and makes men fall in love with its shape and the look you have with it. To choose your suit, your iconic top one custom look online, you have three steps to follow to get the look of your dreams. First, the fabric: choose from more than a hundred different fabrics and colours offered for an « On fleek » result. Second, the personalization: from the cut of the jacket to the buttons, the style of the pockets and the lapels, you will have many options for personalization. Finally, thirdly, your measurements: take your own measurements wherever you are. You don’t need a tailor, just someone close to you! Once taken, enter your measurements on the online platform and that’s it.

      You don’t know how to choose a suit and you don’t want to have a « fashion faux-pas » look, don’t take any risks. « Less is more », black or solid colors will be your best allies. You’re a fashion expert., dare to use prints, flashy colours or even « mix and match » with materials! For those who are neutral, we bet for a fitted jacket to slim your waist and a pair of draped trousers to lengthen your legs or a skirt (the length of the skirt depends only on you). A versatile piece, the suit can be mismatched with ease! By opting for the jacket, trousers or skirt, you have the possibility of associating one of these pieces with each product in your wardrobe. All styles and looks are possible: the jacket over a silk blouse with a denim skirt, the trousers with a classic T-shirt or the skirt with a sweater or top made of a special fabric (velvet, silk…).

      Ladies, thinking is no longer part of your « to do list » try the affordable custom-made, it’s adopting it. At your keyboard, smartphone, start shopping for your favorite looks now!

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